Constance Tan   25 Feb, 2021

What is Compare At Price, and how you can easily bulk edit this across hundreds of products. Master this crucial product field to make your products more attractive and improve profits on your Shopify store.

How to use Compare at Price on Shopify, to increase your profits


What is Compare At Price?

Compare At Price is the Product’s original price that shows up on a products listing when its on sale. You can see it crossed out next to its discounted price.

Its a data field on every product in Shopify


How to Edit Compare At Price on Shopify

To edit your compare at prices, go to the Home page. Then click Products, And Click on the product of which you’d like to edit the compare at price for.

On that page, under the pricing section, you’ll see Price, and Compare at Price as fields. 

Put the original, higher price in the Compare At Price Field. Put the Discounted price in the Price field.

Now when you see that product live on your site, you’ll see the original price crossed out, with the discounted price next to it.

Note that the size, formatting and colour of both prices will depend on the theme you’re using for shopify.


How to Bulk Edit Compare At Price on Shopify

Method 1: On Shopify’s Website

If you want to bulk-edit compare at prices, from the Shopify Home page:

  1. Go to Products
  2. Select all the products that you want to edit at the same time.
  3. Above the table containing all your products,
  4. Click “Edit Products”.

You’ll be shown the Bulk Edit page, where the products you selected earlier can now have all their compare at prices edited one by one, in one table. 

You can add other fields you’d like to edit at the top, by clicking Add Fields.

Method 2: Via Shopify Excel Template

The other way you can bulk edit is via excel. Shopify provides a way for you to download an excel template with your products, where each column is a product field you can edit. For Compare At Price, the column you need to edit is “Variant Compare At Price”.

Both methods described so far, aren’t really bulk editing options.

You’re still editing prices one by one. And there’s no easy way to just apply a 5% or 10% across all products, so it’s cumbersome to calculate percentage prices.

Method 3: Via Konigle

With Konigle, you can solve this problem. There’s a Bulk Price update feature where you can bulk edit your products with percentage discount prices. They can also be set to change back automatically after a period of time, or when the promotion is over. From the Home Screen, 

  1. Tap Actions
  2. Tap “Bulk Price Update”
  3. Select which products you want to Bulk Edit. 
  4. In the next screen, put a discount you’d like to apply across all your selected products
  5. (Optional) Set a reset date of which you’d like the prices to change back
  6. Confirm that price change by clicking “Confirm”.


Using Compare At Price to Increase your Profits

Method 1: To Upsell a more expensive Product

If you want to convince your customers to spend more, you can create a new, more expensive product, then discount it till it's just a bit higher than the other cheaper products.

With the compare-at-price much higher than its current promotional pricing, it will look like you’re giving a great deal.

Method 2: Sell more products, by bundling

In this case, you can see that there’s not much difference in the bundled product’s price. But just having that compare at price there, psychologically signals to customers of a good deal to be had.

Removing the Compare At Price

Now if you’d like to change your prices back, you will need to go back to the product page, and set Compare at Price to 0. 

Then, put the original price back into the Price field.

In Konigle, you can do this automatically by setting a reset date when you bulk edit your products in the first place, saving you time, keeping your prices accurate, and giving you a peace of mind.