Bulk-Repricing for your online store

Quick and easy way to take control of your prices and change them with ease

Bulk Reprice by values or percentages without editing one by one

Konigle gives you both options when changing your prices, and immediately calculates the changes you want to apply across all your products. Your price changes will be updated to your online store within minutes.
Easy and Quick bulk repricing with KONIGLE mobile app

Price quickly and profitably with Konigle Opportunities

Konigle regularly monitors your competitors, and prompts you to reprice to better prices quickly when they do. Maximise profits from each product before their end-of-life, and maintain the best product mix for each sales channel
Get alerts for profit increasing opportunities on the Konigle app

Avoid Costly Mistakes with Price Histories and Alerts

Track the history of your product's prices and compare-at prices, so that you can quickly look up what prices you've set earlier. Konigle monitors your prices, and automatically alerts you of prices set below cost, or abnormally. Fixing prices is as easy as a few taps on the Konigle app
Abnormal Pricing Alerts

Run your entire business from your pocket

Product Management, Invoice Management, Inventory Management and more! Konigle gives you the all the best tools you'll need to grow a profitable business in a simple mobile app
get mobile alerts when competitor changes prices