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How to add Statistics list?

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Creating Statistics lists

1. From your Konigle Dashboard, go to 'Website'.

2. Under Elements, go to 'Statistics list'.

3. Click on 'New element' to add. Give the statistics a name and 'Add'. Note: The name is for your own reference.

4. Select 'New stat' to create a block of statistics. Enter a Title (mandatory), subtitle, and URL. Repeat to add more stats. Then 'Save' to finalise.

5. Referring to the image below, click on the edge of the block (red arrow) to edit the title displayed on your website. 'Save' to finalise.

In this guide, we will be adding a Statistics list to your Landing page. But the same can be applied to the Folders you have created.

1. After creating the statistics list, go to 'Website' > 'Home'.

2. Click on 'Add new block' and all available elements will appear as seen below. Select the stats created and 'Save' to finalise.