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How to use Compare At Price on Shopify to Increase your Profits

What is Compare At Price on Shopify?

Compare At Price is the data field of your products that can hold the value of a product's original price when the selling price is discounted.

This is how it appears on the product page:

an image of products with visible compare at prices

In your Shopify Store admin, It can be found right next to your product's price field:

an image of where compare at price is on shopify variant

How can I Bulk Edit my Compare-At Prices?

You can manually edit this via the Shopify Bulk Editor. Go to Products from the home page, select the products of which price you'd like to change, click edit, and edit each Compare at price:

a screenshot of Shopify's bulk editor to change compare at pice

Or use Shopify's native CSV Import/Export method to manually edit the Compare at price field for each product and variant. The column you'd need to edit is the Variant Compare at Price.

If you're a user of Konigle, you can edit multiple Compare at prices all at once. Click Bulk Price Update, select the products to bulk update prices, and the enter a percentage to update all prices. Konigle will update all products with the new price, and autofill their compare at price fields with the original price:

screenshot bulk editing prices from Konigle heartbeat
screenshot setting percentage to bulk edit all prices on Konigle
screenshot confirming all products being bulk edited on Konigle

This is what will happen on your product pages.

 product page before compare at price has been added
product page after compare at price has been added

How Compare At Prices can increase your sales

Customers are always more delighted to see a product sold, but there is more to simply setting a discount to attract more sales.

Upsell to your customers

Look at the following example:

an image of a hamper on Gaia
an image of a hamper on Gaia that has compare at price active

This business made an obvious comparison between two products, suggesting that the product with the higher compare at price is now a better value for money choice.

This is a common tactic for businesses that have multiple product tiers. This strategy however will only work if the customers believe these prices still make the products value-for-money. Remember to take into account your customer's optimal price points.

This strategy can also be used to create combo deals, helping them quickly understand how much they'll save from the original prices.

image showing compare at price for combo deals

5% discount? 85% discount? You might need to change your original prices

Run promotions with different discount levels to find the optimal price-points of your customers.

If you find your sales only improving at large discounts, you may need to lower your compare at price. Similarly, if small discounts improve sales significantly, the product(s) might be underpriced.

Keep a history of your Compare At Prices

As the number of products you sell increase, it can become a challenge to keep your products priced and discounted correctly. Accidentally underpricing is a huge cost, especially if left undetected for long periods of time.

An app like Konigle can help you automatically keep a history of the prices you've set for your product, detect under-priced products, and help you fix them in minutes from your phone:

image showing abnormal price alert

How do I remove Compare At Price?

Compare At Price on Shopify does not show on the product page when it has the same value or lower than the product's Price.

In Shopify, you can remove Compare at prices individually by deleting the value in the product's Compare at price field, or setting a value lower than the main Price field. This works for both editing individual product details or Shopify's Bulk Editor.

Konigle can automatically revert multiple products' prices after a promotion at a date set by you. This will clear all the Compare At prices, and set the main Price fields back to their original price values without any hassle:

image showing how to auto revert compare at price

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