Competitor Price Monitoring for e-Commerce

The Competitor Price Tracking Solution that helps you set the best prices with ease.

Compare yourself to competitors with ease

Map competitor products to your products to identify the position of your products against the market. Adding a competitor is as easy as adding a link, or searching them up through marketplaces in our app.
Map Competitors to your product catalog with a few taps using the KONIGLE mobile app

Automatically track your competitors

Konigle checks each competitor several times a day, and monitors the volatility of their price changes. Konigle also automatically converts different foreign currencies to your own, helping you benchmark more easily.

Quickly view all your competitor's prices at a glance

Get a real sense of how all your competitors perform against one another. Konigle's Overview lens gives you a personalised view on how your market's price position has changed over the last 90 days.
Snapshot of Competitor Price Trends

Receive alerts on opportunities to set the best prices

When your competitors have a dramatic shift in price, Konigle will immediately alert you. Clicking on it will show you a suggested new price, and an easy function to change your product prices in just a few taps.
get mobile alerts when competitor changes prices

The best competitor price monitoring mobile app for e-Commerce Sellers