Frequently Asked Questions

What does Konigle actually do?

We help you analyze your data for key knowledge you need to understand and improve your business.

My business is not a high-volume sales business, and thus I don't have high volume of data. Can Konigle help my business?

Yes! Konigle is all about providing a great understanding of how your sales are made and finding the best ways to help you prosper. Contact us and we'll work something out with you.

What is AI? Will it actually help increase my sales ?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is a software technology that can automatically detect important information in large quantities of data.

Will the Konigle subscription charges be directly proportional to the size of my company or are the charges are standardised?

Konigle's pricing varies with the size of the company.

“I am a freelancer and working on making myself a brand." Can I use Konigle too?

Yes, you can. Contact us and we'll work something out for you that fits your needs.

How many questions can I ask Konigle in a day?

Ask as many questions as you want in a day. We will try our best to get you answers to as many of them as possible.

What happens to the invoices once they have been updated on Konigle? How is my data analysed from simple sales/purchase data?

Konigle will sort out your data, whatever form they may be and find key insights that are critical to your business. These will be automatically updated on your account, and through the reports we send you regularly as Konigle finds them.

I have errors and missing infomation in my data. Can I still use Konigle?

Yes, no problem at all! Most SMEs have some issues with their data, and we work with them to get them fixed at no additional cost.