Your complete toolkit to increase gross profit

Integrate with most data sources. Generate meaningful reports.Automate complex tasks and stop missing out on opportunities to increase your bottom line.
Track business KPIs
Analyze business performance
Act on opportunities


Running your business actively means keeping tabs on events in real-time. Konigle automatically informs you of repricing opportunities, shifts in competitor pricing, and other events through real-time notifications. Reprice, review, and respond within minutes without leaving the app.
Get notified about opportunities to increase gross profit


Give context to growth opportunities through your business’ vitals, updated regularly. Monitor how your business has changed over time through key performance indicators, and track your most recent transactions and expenses. Easy to access view of your business health, anytime, anywhere.
All the important KPIs to keep track of

Your focuses

Analyze your business through 6 key focuses to identify and act on growth opportunities in your business


View your products, and track where they’re being sold online Sort them by different lenses to identify the products making the most impact Map them to competitor products, and track their movements against yours


Summarize your competitors at a glance, understand your market position Track competitors from any ecommerce website, and view their price history Add multiple products at once from a Shopify store, or a Product collection


Slice and dice your sales data to analyze the impact of your promotions Calculate over 12+ performance metrics across all focuses Identify the most valuable products and customers, and align your strategy accordingly


Understand unique customer by viewing their favourite products and purchasing habits Capture unique customers automatically from your sales, or add them manually


Track your affiliates, and identify opportunities that can help you nurture your affiliates Provide your affiliates with a Konigle login where they will only be able to monitor their progress and receive notifications that help them grow

Data Sources

Setup only takes a few steps. Forward your order emails from e-commerce software like Shopify, and sync your store’s data within minutes. Contact us if you’d like to integrate store data from other sources.

Work as a team

Add your teammates to KONIGLE and stay on the same page.