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Konigle Data Apprentice Program

KDAP is a 3-6 month program that allows individuals to build meaningful solutions that directly help businesses solve problems and grow.
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Why Konigle?

Develop Practical Skills in Data Science and Machine Learning
Contribute to important solutions that will actually be used by businesses
Work directly with highly experienced Software Engineers and Machine Learning experts
Full-time, Part-time, and flexible working arrangements
Ideal Skillsets

We're looking for amazing individuals with skills in:


The Application Process

  • 1
    Send in your CV/Portfolio and story to
  • 2
    We will reach out to you with a take home assignment.
  • 3
    We will then discuss the take home assignment over a video call or in-person meeting
  • 4
    If all's going well, you'll have an interview with the Founder
  • 5
    Offers will be made to suitable candidates

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