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KPI Management and Growth Software for Online Sellers

Upgrade your business from a Low Data Visibility, High-Risk State, to a High Data Visibility, Low-Risk State
How it Works
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Automate data entry and management

Before Konigle
Growing your business online can quickly become overwhelming. With every new eCommerce platform, there’s new processes data formats to deal with.

Crucial resources are diverted away from the business just to manage data, because ecommerce platforms do not talk to each other.  

Business insights that come each day get missed or overlooked.
After Konigle
Simply upload a file or forwarding an email from the new ecommerce platform to add a new sales channel. After that Konigle does all the cleaning and organizing of data for you. 

No need to station people to configure and update Konigle. Konigle calculates and personalizes the analytics on its own, and improves over time.

Intelligent alerts catches events that happens in your sales. Transactions are automatically analyzed for outliers, such as surges or drops in revenue.
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Track KPIs, Monitor Trends, and Progress towards Goals

Before Konigle
Only the basic metrics are calculated without comparing them to historical trends, making it hard to assess real sales performance.

Goals are set, but monitored infrequently. This makes it difficult to stay on track.

Reporting tools require constant maintaining and modifying to improve understanding of the business.
After Konigle
Up to seven goals can be tracked and updated every day on your phone, featuring both basic and advanced metrics.

Identify rising top sellers using performance trend analysis alongside standard static performance KPIs.

Get alerted on outlier events across all KPIs as they are automatically monitored, so you can discover impacts to your business early.

Uncover statistically unique relationships between best selling products and between KPIs. Konigle automatically scans your data for correlations and shows them to you as they are found.

Enrich your Business Data for deeper Insights

Before Konigle
Most businesses just extract basic information from an invoice when a transaction happens. Product Attributes are often sparsely labelled, or incomplete.

Limited insight into your sales affects your ability to identify new opportunities and the decisions you make.
After Konigle
Konigle intelligently enriches your transaction data over time, so you can find hidden relationships and opportunities to grow your sales:
  • Brand, Category Information
  • Colours, sizes, Keywords
  • Weather Information
  • Holiday, Promotion Information
...and more!
*How data gets enriched depends on your industry and the nature of your transaction data. Contact us for more info
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Measure performance of Affiliates, Influencers, Sales Channels and Stores

Track and Score your Affiliates

Analyze the performance and top selling products for each of your influencers. Work alongside them to set personalized objectives based on their strengths.

Identify Top Performers in Sales Channels

Identify quickly growing platforms and brands rising or falling in popularity. View all your channels to market all in one place.

Use Pricing Intelligence and Product Intelligence to beat the competition

Search across ecommerce platforms for similar products at a glance
With Konigle's Just Price, simply snap a photo or type a keyword to search competitor products across multiple platforms at once. Compare your own products’ positioning through the eyes of your consumers with just a few taps.

Use Sweet-Spot Analysis to maximize your revenue

Reduce the guesswork of selling a well-priced product
Konigle’s Sweet Spot Analysis surveys the prices of which your products have been sold in the past to recommend the best pricing needed to maximize revenue. Don’t worry, we take into account seasonal demand changes to ensure results are not biased.

Businesses have changed for the better after using Konigle:

“This is the first solution I’ve found that works with both my legacy systems and new software platforms. Compared to the people I had to hire to do the same job, Konigle is a steal."
- Organic Products Wholesaler
“Before, I could only track 30% of my sales because of how messy my data was. I can see all my sales now, and I don't have to worry about losing track whenever I join a new eCommerce platform,”
- Online Electronics Seller
“I’ve always struggled to convince my team of new software changes. Konigle removed a lot of that friction for me to get that business visibility I needed without affecting my business operations.”
- Omnichannel Bags Distributor

Stop driving your business blindly.

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