Doing in spite of

The greatest human superpower

The DOING IN SPITE OF podcast trailer

Our belief that doing in spite of is the greatest human superpower comes from an essay that our Co-founder and CEO, Jatin wrote back in August 2020 on the passing away of one of his favourite actors - Chadwick Boseman. Read Jatin's essay here.

Thinking deeply about what makes business owners build lasting businesses, is something we ponder on daily at Konigle. We have worked tirelessly for 2 years now trying to find what makes a business successful.
We are proud to have worked with amazing entrepreneurs, some who have been in business for years while some are just starting out. Having already served customers across 15+ countries, with business being run by couples, single mothers, or just youngsters at school.
There is more to trying to understand and learn from these folks than just trying to wrangle data. Doing inspite of is our ode to entrepreneurship and potentially a vehicle to help learn from experiences of entrepreneurs.