Price monitoring and repricing software

Helps you track your competitors, alerts on price changes every 4 hours and helps you stay ahead of the competition. Get intelligent pricing suggestions on your Ecommerce product listings and Custom URLs
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Monitor Product Price Changes every 4 hours

Monitor specific item listings for changes over time. Get alerts for fast-moving stock numbers, pricing, and text description updates.

External Competitor URL Pricing Search

Compare products across popular ecommerce platforms and brands. Analyze pricing and feature distributions and optimize your own product's positioning against the market. One-click upload and track pricing of all products from your shopify store.

Internal Product URL Pricing Search

Search across products, keywords or categories for analysis on previously sold items. Get pricing recommendations based on historical demand, and alerts to significant changes to product pricings.

Perform MAP audits

Discover pricing violations instantly via alerts on the Konigle app and protect your sales and profits.


  • Track Competitor Products Links
  • Alerts on Price Changes, Broken links
  • Competitor Product Data Analytics
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Dedicated support
    Easy to use, simple setup
  • API Access (Contact us for a quote)


per month
Track up to 100 Product URLs


per month
Track up to 2000 Product URLs


per month
Track 100 Links


per month
Track 2000 Links

Tracking more than 2000 links?

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