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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Human powered SMS abandoned cart recovery for your online store.

Magento Integration Shopify Integration Shopify Plus Integration


Engage shoppers who have abandoned orders over SMS


Engage customers who have abandoned orders over Email

Push Notifications

Use push notifications to get back shoppers to your website and buy

About Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned Carts hurt, over 65% of shoppers abandon carts and over 70% leave their phone numbers.

Konigle's approach to recovering your abandoned carts is simple, our human agents engage shoppers who have abandoned carts on your store, by chatting with them over SMS.

Decide on the discount

Select the maximum discount you want to offer, to not sell at a loss.

Friendly experience for your customers

No incessant followups, its like a casual chat.

Uncover issues with your website

Around 30% of all abandoned carts are caused by lack of payment methods, bugs in the website, questions about size, fit etc. Our friendly agents chat with customers to help them become comfortable about their purchase and buy!

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