Price Editor

Bulk edit prices, schedule bulk discounts & rollbacks with reports.

Stores using Price Editor have saved 73.43K hours combined.

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Highly Reliable

Highly reliable price editor to change prices of thousands of products with easy.


Easy to use comprehensive price editor, to edit prices any which way you want.

Reporting built in

You cannot improve what you do not measure, get automatic reports for each price change.

About the Price Editor

As an e-commerce store operator, changing prices for 100s or 1000s of products is a big pain. It takes time and is extremely error prone. This becomes even tougher if we want to change prices using rules or want to run a quick flash sale.

Konigle's reliable bulk price editor makes it super easy to edit prices in a reliable and efficient way, saving time and eliminating errors.

Price Editor

Powerful Filters

Edit prices of all products or select specific variants. Combine more than one condition to pick variants that match your needs. Filter by stock values, rate of selling, Costs and much more.

One click Rollback

1-click price rollbacks to revert prices to the orginal values.

Powerful Price Configurator

Markup/Markdown, percentage-based change or absolute values

Schedule for Future

Easily schedule bulk pricing tasks to run daily, weekly or any time in the future, with automatic rollbacks.

Implement Charm Pricing (99 pricing)

Implement charm pricing with a click, by rounding off the price to the nearest .99 cents

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