Although the world has over a billion websites and a new website is created every few seconds but less than 20% of the world's websites are actively maintained and bring any real economic value to their creators.

The term "website" has become as commonplace as "telephone" or "television" were to earlier generations. Yet, despite its ubiquity, the concept of a website encompasses a vast and intricate world that is constantly evolving.

From telephones, to televisions and now the ubiquity of an internet of websites
From telephones, to televisions and now the ubiquity of an internet of websites

"Website," the book you are about to delve into, is a comprehensive exploration of this digital phenomenon—a tapestry of technology, creativity, and communication that has become central to modern life. Each site is a unique combination of web pages and content, bound together under a common domain name and hosted on a server, visible to anyone with internet access and a web browser. Websites not only reflect the interests and activities of the global populace but also actively shape culture, politics, and economics on a scale previously unimaginable.

Whether you are a small business, a real estate agent, a photographer or a church looking to understand how to participate in the internet economy profitably, "Website" offers insights on how websites are designed, built and used. It invites readers to understand the internet not just as a window to human knowledge and connection, but also as a business opportunity.

We sincerely hope that this book - Website , helps anyone anywhere develop an intuition for what makes a good website and provide them with tools and understanding of how to make a website