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How to add a Favicon to your website?

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1. After you have your logo ready (in png, jpg, gif, bmp), go to any ICO converter on the internet to convert the file into an ICO format.

2. Upload the desired image to the converter > select up to 64 pixels > Convert.

*Note that the created file has to be less than 50kb.

1. From your dashboard, go to Website > Home folder.

Konigle Dashboard
Konigle Dashboard
Accessing the home folder
Accessing the home folder

2. Add the favicon image in an ICO format.

Adding a favicon
Adding a favicon

3. Go over to your website and do a hard refresh (cmd + shift + r on Apple or ctrl + f5 on Windows). Your favicon is now live.

Here's a video tutorial on how to add a Favicon to your Konigle website:

Does every website have a favicon?

No, not every website has a favicon but it is good to have one.

What happens if you don't have a favicon?

If you don't have a favicon, your browser will typically just display a generic icon for the site or no icon at all. This can make it a little harder for users to visually identify your site among open tabs.

What is the purpose of a favicon?

Favicons have a few purposes. They can help users easily identify your website in their browser tabs and bookmarks. They can also serve as a small branding element, helping to reinforce your brand identity subtly.