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Pricing Power According to McKinsey, increasing your price by just 1% with the same demand can increase your profits by 8%. To find your pricing power and maximize profits, it's important to manage your pricing, run promotions, track competitor prices, and implement dynamic pricing. Konigle can help you do all of the above and more.

Improving your conversion rate is essential to increase sales and profit margins. A higher conversion rate means that more visitors to your website are making purchases. With Konigle’s conversion rate optimization tactics, start growing your store profitably.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value by increasing the amount of money each customer spends with your store. This will increase your revenue without having to acquire new customers. Online stores using Konigle have been known to increase customer lifetime value by almost four times.

Dead stock ties up resources and generates costs without any revenue. Prevent dead stock with automated inventory management tactics and increase profitability.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost, Lowering the cost of getting new customers can help you use more money in other parts of your business and make more profit. Shopify says a normal online store should spend less than one-third of what a customer is worth during their time as a customer. Konigle can help you fix problems with SEO, make social media stuff happen automatically, and do other things that make it cheaper to get new customers.

To reduce costs, it is important to first know what they are. In a study of thousands of stores, we found that over 65% of SKUs do not have their costs calculated. With Konigle's purchase order management tactics, which include multi-currency support, bulk editing of costs, cost-plus pricing, and more, you can start to accurately know and reduce your costs.

Increasing the average order value is a sure way to boost profits. Konigle can help achieve this by nudging customers to buy more without alienating them, and by improving the checkout process.

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I'm happy I'm having more sales on my Shopee shop after using your services

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EVERY small, medium and large business should be running this app.

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Konigle is game changing.

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Amazing support and some good people.

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