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Tools to scale your online business

Online stores have saved 65,521 hours last week using Konigle to manage their stores. Konigle is a collection of seller tools that help you save over 15 hours/month in managing your store, while improving your profit margins by up to 3%. Konigle is like an assistant helping you grow your store cost effectively.

Price Management, Promotions, Buyer Experience, Customer Management, Cost Management, Merchandising, Competition Management, Loyalty, Retention, Risk Management, Order Management & much more

Pricing & Promotions

Set up powerful pricing rules based on quantity, minimum order value etc.

Run fully automated mark down plans in minutes. Schedule Flash Sales and more.

Competition Management

Track competition prices & inventory levels.

Automatically increase or decrease prices as competition prices change or reduce, end up improving margins by up to 10%.


Track inventory levels & manage product listings with ease.

Automate price reduction for slow moving stock, auto update costs of items and price when a consignment is added.

Customer Management

Create customer segments within minutes & automate your interactions.

Send tax invoices, run upsell sequences, alert price conscious customers on price drops & much more.

work on your business. not in your business.

Konigle help's online store operators save time, reduce errors and help them make more money online.

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