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tools to make online selling easy and profitable

Growth minded online merchants trust Konigle's collection of seller tools to scale their store operations and automate cost effective growth tactics.

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Thiam Lai - a shopee seller using Konigle

Thiam Lai, Uses Konigle to find profitable products to sell on Shopee

Seller tools to scale your store

Konigle's collection of seller tools help you grow your online store cost effectively, they help you save time, reduce costs and increase sales.

Competitor Intelligence

Automate tracking of comeptitor metrics and find profitable products to sell.

Customer Engagement

Improve Customer LTV by automating customer engagement and loyalty rewards.

Order Management

Automate time consuming repetitive tasks to manage orders.

Ecommerce SEO

Automate Ecommerce SEO tactics to gain organic traffic to your store.

Inventory Management

Prevent dead stock, avoid running out of stock by automating inventory tactics.

Online stores saved over 65,451 hours last week using Konigle

The Developer Team of this app asks you for new features you want, and then adds the new features you want to the Konigle App, within a short time amount, in a highest quality way. Konigle’s a fantastic app. Made my life easier and made ability to edit prices and do more in my business hugely easier.

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This app saves a ton of time on all things pricing, markdowns, inventory and receiving and has a lot of features that I haven't seen on any other similar apps.

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