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Automatic Reporting & Alerts to grow your business

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Understand the factors that impact your top line and cashflow

  • Powerful analytics on your customers, sales channels, products and more!
  • Discover opportunities for higher growth and better business performance.
  • Stay informed with live alerts on data outliers and time-critical events.
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Strategize ahead with business forecasting

  • Clear your dead inventory and plan your next stock with market demand predictions.
  • Optimise cashflow by predicting when a customer pays ahead of time.
  • Narrow down the sweet spot price-point of your products and maximise revenue.
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Ask any question about your business data

  • Ask questions specific to your needs and get in-depth analysis on-demand.
  • Write your questions in your language and receive answers ASAP.

Built for the business owner on the go

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Access your insights anywhere

Access Konigle wherever you are via:

  • Web App
  • Mobile App
  • Email Reports
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No need to change the way you work

  • We accept any data format you have: PDF, CSV, txts, docx, emails and more!
  • No need to format or clean your data. Just upload as it is and we'll sort it all out.
  • We integrate with third party accounting platforms, ERPs and POS systems.

Increase your Sales & Optimize your Cashflow with Konigle

Here are some of the aspects of your business you can look forward to getting insights into.

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