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How to backup your store data in Konigle?

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Backup your Shopify store data in Konigle and have the ability to restore from backup.

Konigle's Store backups the following information:

  • Product's Title, vendor, product_type, tags
  • Variants price, compare_at_price

Here's how:

1. Click on Automatic Strategies from your Konigle dashboard.

2. Access the Store Backups.

3. You can enable automatic backups that runs every Sunday by toggling the button here:

4. Create a manual backup based on your needs by clicking the Create backup button. 

4. Filter your backup type and indicate the date to look for a specific backup data and click on the filter button. 

5. Click on the backup data and see the preview here:

6. You can simply restore this by clicking on Restore from backup.

You can now easily create a backup before changing, let's say your price and easily restore it with a click of a button.