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How do I increase product prices by percentage on Shopify?

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You can easily increase your product prices by a certain percentage in your Shopify store in less than 5 minutes by using Konigle’s Bulk Price Editor.

Here’s How:

  1. Make sure Konigle’s Bulk Price Editor is installed in your store.
  2. From your Konigle dashboard, navigate to the Bulk Price Editor tool .
  3. Choose the products that you wish to reprice. You can go by product titles or click on More Filters to narrow down your search and hit Apply filters :
  4. Select Increase>Selling Price>your chosen percentage . Since you’re increasing the selling price, you must choose Compared to selling price.
  5. Enter your pricing request description and validity dates . You can also choose your preferred timezone and hit Submit .
  6. Recheck your request and click Submit to finalize.

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