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How to change your unit costs in bulk in Shopify?

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With the use of Konigle’s Inventory Management Tool , you may now change your products unit cost in bulk in your Shopify store.

Follow these steps to easily manage this within your store:

  1. Install Ultimate Pricing Assistant from Shopify App Store.
  2. From the Konigle dashboard, choose, Inventory Management Tool .
  3. Go to the Stock Status tab.
  4. Filter the products that you’re intending to change the unit cost. There are various way to filter them and you may also click this filter button to see more ways available (Magic Filters, Vendor, Collection, etc.):
  5. Click on Cost and indicate the new unit cost. You may choose to apply this new cost to all this products variant or to all the filtered products and hit Update .
  6. Hit the Save button and Confirm the requested changes.

Here’s a quick in action view of this process:
Konigle Scaling OS _ Save time - Google Chrome 2022-07-07 11-56-58

* Note: This will not automatically update your selling price so please use the Bulk Price Editor in changing your selling cost in bulk.

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