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How to create and use tags in Shopify?

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Using tags in Shopify helps you categorize related information in your store and enables you to make changes in bulk.

Shopify allows you to create tags in different sections of your store but most commonly it is applied in Orders, Products and Customers.

How to create Tags in Shopify?

  1. Open the specific item that you would like to add a tag to. (E.g. Customers)
  2. Click on the customer name
  3. Scroll down and under Tags, type in your preferred identifier.
    Creating Tags in Shopify

How to use Tags in Shopify?

Tags can help you do actions in bulk. Let’s say for example, I’d like to group customers who are from the same location. You can add tags to easily identify them.

  1. Go to Customers and choose a customer name that is from the chosen location. In this example, let’s say I’d like to group customers from Singapore.
  2. Scroll down and on the lower right side, you’ll see Tags .
  3. Add the Tag name that you’d like to use. For this, I’d like to use Singapore.
  4. Now that the Tag exists, Go back to Customers and you can now group all customers coming from the exact location by creating a Customer Segment.

How to create a Customer Segment in Shopify?

  1. Go to Customers and apply filters. Let’s say you’d like to filter all customers from Singapore.
  2. Click on the filter and choose Countries or Regions that contains the country , Singapore and click hit “Apply Filter.”
  3. Once you have all your customers from this country, you can bulk Tag them by ticking the customer name all together, click on More actions and select the Tag name.

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