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How to create manual product collection and feature it to your homepage in Shopify?

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Creating collections in your Shopify store helps you organize products in the same category. It can also help your customers save time by making it simple for them to browse on your store and to direct them to the items they need.

Follow these steps to create collections in your Shopify store:

  1. From your Shopify Admin click on Products>Collections .
  2. Go to Create Collections .
  3. Enter your Title, description and upload an image if you prefer.
  4. Select your Collection availability. You can click on
  5. Click Save.
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To feature this collection in your homepage, continue with below:

  1. Click on Online store>Themes.
  2. Hit on Customize .
  3. Navigate to Featured Collection .
  4. On the right hand corner of the page, you can edit the heading.
  5. Under Collection , click on Select Collection and choose your newly created collection> Select .
  6. Click Save .
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