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How to enable customer based pricing in Shopify?

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Make more rewarding experience to your loyal customers by incentivizing them with special prices and discounted rates.

By using Konigle's Customer Based Pricing tool, your chosen customers may purchase products at the rates you have specified for them.

Follow the below steps:

1. Install the Konigle app in your Shopify store. 

2. Enable the Customer Based Pricing in the settings.  Click on Settings from your Konigle dashboard.

3.  Choose Store Design.

4.  Enable Customer Based Pricing> Save.

2. From your Konigle dashboard, Head over to Automatic Strategies.

3. Choose Customer Based Pricing. 

4. Click on New Rule. 

5. Indicate your rule details and choose specific customer tags. Then, click Create

Leaving the End Date blank will make the rule run continuously. This can be changed anytime later on. 

Review results from the Impact Tab.