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How to find overpriced items and then price it competitively on shopify?

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If you price an item too high you may end up having dead stock. Increasing/decreasing price just by gut feeling doesn’t always make your product attractive to the buyers.

The quickest way to find overpriced items in your store is below:

Finding overpriced items & adjusting it

  1. Install the Konigle app in your Shopify store. 
  2. From your dashboard, head over to Competitor Product Price Monitoring:

3. Click on Overpriced products.

4.  Select on how do you want to compare the prices

5. If you want to check for a specific product, you may also use the filter button to narrow down your search

6. Select how you want to reprice your products from these 3 options. You can also automatically incorporate Charm Pricing on the final prices.

7. Select which products you want to reprice or click on Select All.

8. You’ll see the price changes on the screen below. Click Reprice

9. You’ll see the pricing request under the History tab.

You may also revert the changes made from this page.

10. Check the impact of the changes made from this page.