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How to find underpriced items and then price it competitively on shopify?

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If you price an item too low on the market places it might get stolen. Increasing/decreasing price just by gut feeling doesn’t always make your product attractive to the buyers.

The quickest way to find underpriced items is by using Konigle's Competitor Product Price Monitoring Tool.

1. Install the Konigle app in your Shopify store.   

3. Click on Under priced products.

4. Select how do you want to compare your price from any of the three option:

5. You can also apply additional filter for finer selection of products

6. From the three options provided you can select the one which suits your need:

7. You can see here the adjustment in the price based on selection in the previous step. Submit the reprice request once you are satisfied.

You can see the Success status once it is completed.

You can also see summary of your reprice request.

You can still edit the validity of this reprice request from Details tab.