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How to increase prices of every product in my Shopify store?

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Wondering how to increase all your products prices in Shopify with a specific amount in bulk? That’s possible using Konigle’s Bulk Price Editor .

Skip updating your prices manually in your Shopify store and follow these steps:

  1. Install Konigle’s Bulk Price Editor in your store.

  2. Access the tool from your Konigle dashboard.

  3. Select the products that you’d like to change the pricing of. You set keywords or click on the filter button to check on more options. In this case if you would like to change the pricing of all your products, you may choose the product Status such as Draft and Active . Then click, Apply Filters .
    Pricing  Promotions - Google Chrome 2022-08-08 12-07-08

  4. Configure your prices by choosing Increase , selling price with your preferred amount .
    * The app will have remarks if there are variants that will be selling at a loss with this change request
    * The currency will be based on your store’s default currency.
    Increase Prices in Shopify

  5. Set Description and Validity for these changes. If this is a permanent change, you can leave the Valid to field blank. Set the time zone and hit Submit .
    Setting Price Validity

  6. Review the request and once set, click Submit .

If you’d like to undo the changes, easily revert the changes by going to Price History >Revert .

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