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How to reduce product prices in bulk and show the sale price on Shopify?

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Reducing your products prices in Shopify and wondering how to show sale prices in your Shopify store like this?

Follow these steps:

  1. Install the Konigle app from your Shopify store.

  2. Navigate to the Bulk Price Editor from your Konigle dashboard:


  3. Choose the products that you would like decrease the prices of by using various filter options available. Let’s say you would to decrease prices of a certain collection, click on More filters and choose the collection then Apply Filters .

  4. Click on Reduce>Selling Price and indicate either your chosen percentage, amount or multiplier. When reducing selling price, it would be compared to selling price as well. You can also choose to apply Charm Pricing on this step to have prices end in .95 or .99, etc.

  5. Set a description for this price change request and enter your validity. Make sure to fill in the Valid to date if this is a temporary price change. Choose your timezone and hit Submit.

  6. Finalize your price request and make sure you tick the Update compare at price checkbox that will automatically show your sale prices in Shopify.

  7. If this is a promotional campaign, you also tick the Notify customers checkbox and configure your SMS or email campaign to notify your chosen customers.

See this process in action here:
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