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How to set dynamic pricing in Shopify based on customer tags?

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Setting up dynamic pricing in Shopify is possible such as when a customer who’s currently logged in via their email address on your store would be able to see a different pricing if they are included on a specific tag.

Here’s how:

  1. Configure your customer segment in your Shopify store. What we would like to do on this step is to group the customers together by using a tag in Shopify. If you haven’t created a tag yet, you may do so by going to Customers and clicking on one customer name and create a tag for it. Here’s an example by using the tag New_Sub .
    kalraji.com · Home · Shopify - Google Chrome 2022-08-04 14-33-37 (1)

  2. Group all your preferred customers under your created tag. You can use the filter option in Shopify. In this example, I’d like to group all my customers that are subscribers and tag them under New_Sub .
    Grouping customers and tagging them

  3. Create a segment using Tags.
    Creating customer segments

  4. Now that your customer segment is all set, make sure you have Konigle’s Bulk Price Editor added and installed in your Shopify store.

  5. From your Konigle dashboard, go to Settings> Store design and click on Contact support to enable the Custom Pricing in your account. This requires a theme update in your Shopify store. Once confirmed configured, toggle Enable .
    Enable Custom Pricing
    * Kindly wait for the notification from Konigle’s customer support that your theme has been updated to support customer based pricing before enabling in your account.

  6. Go to Automatic Strategies>Customer Based Pricing.

  7. Click on New Rule .

  8. Create a new rule by identifying customers through Tags and determining the discount percentage you would like to offer to them when they check your products:


  9. Click Create>Confirm once done.

Konigle’s Customer Based Pricing aims to help online sellers reward customers by offering dynamic pricing that can later own drive sales and customer loyalty.