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How can I connect my Shopee store to Konigle?

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Konigle allows you to add multiple storefront at a single place so that you do not have to switch between apps to manage your stores. This tutorials shows you the way you can add Shopee store into your dashboard.

This is how it can be done:

1. Login into your Konigle account and click on the drop down arrow beside the Konigle logo.

2. Choose Integrations

3. At the top you will see all the connected store and at the bottom you can select from the list of integration available. Select Shopee in this case.

4. It will open Shopee authorization window. You can enter your store credentials and click Login.

5. It will ask for the authorization. Check all the items required by Konigle. Once you agree click to confirm.

6. It will bring you to the Konigle’s dashboard. Where you can see the status of your store being synced. It just takes a couple of minutes. Refresh window to see it update.

7. That’s all! You are all set to use all tools to manage your Shopee store. Switch between your store from here:

Why not give it a try now! Use the product bump features to boost your product discovery for free. You can find the tutorial for this here