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How to use compare at price effectively in Shopify?

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What does compare at price mean?

On Shopify stores, compare at price is the product’s original price that shows up on a product’s listing when its on sale. You can see it crossed out next to its discounted price. It is a data field on every product in Shopify, which helps you show the gap between the original price of a product and its sales price in an attractive way.

If you want to bulk-edit Compare at prices, from the Shopify Home page, the process is:

  1. Go to Products
  2. Select all the products that you want to edit at the same time.
  3. Above the table containing all your products,
  4. Click “Edit Products”.

You’ll be shown the Bulk Editor page, where the products you selected earlier can now have all their Compare at prices edited one by one, in one table.

Shopify Bulk Editor

The better way: Using Konigle’s Ultimate Pricing Assistant

With Konigle , you can quickly update your compare at prices in minutes. It also works with smart collections.

Installing the App and syncing your store takes few seconds.

Once synced, follow these steps to change Compare at price:

  1. Click on Pricing in the sidebar.
  2. Filter for the products that you’d like to edit. This can be done by product name, or by categories such as Collection, Vendor, and Status with the filter button.
  3. Select the products you’d like to edit by clicking the tick boxes on the left
  4. Input the updated compare at price in the “Compare at” box . You can change Compare at prices for all selected products in proportional to their current value. You can swap between values or percentages, and round them up to .99. You’ll be able to see the new changes in price in the table itself.
    Konigle Bulk Price Editor
  5. (Optional) Enter dates into “Valid From” and “Valid To” in order to schedule your bulk editor ahead of time, as well as automatically revert the compare at price to their original state
  6. Confirm the changes by clicking the “Submit” button.

And you’re done! You will be redirected to the pricing history, where you can see current and previous bulk compare at price updates.

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