Fastest way from Quote to Cash

Why has managing sales become so much difficult ?

All-in-one Quote To Cash platform

The best features of a CRM, Quoting software, Payments tracking, built together from the ground up. A total Sales Management Platform built to evolve as your business evolves.

Dynamic Pricing rules

Set up powerful pricing rules based on quantity, minimum order value, promotional discounts, and more.

Flexible Products & Billing

Create configurations, data fields and processes to Quote, Sell and Bill any product accurately.

Quotation Generator

Flexible Products configurations + dynamic pricing rules = respond quickly to customer negotiations with attractive quotes.

Collaboration Tools

Record notes, discuss with team members, and send client updates through one unified platform.

Live Data Sync

All Product, Billing, Pricing, Customer information are synced live, creating more efficient and powerful sales processes.

Customer Management

From customer conversations to payment tracking, get 100% visibility of your customers’ touchpoints with your business.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrates with ecommerce and accounting platforms such as Xero and Shopify.

Smart Approval Processes

Create and automate necessary approval steps to deliver complex offerings efficiently to your customers