Improve profits by up to 21% Quote to Cash Software Simple, Powerful & Seamless

Konigle helps you manage prices by customers, create a B2B website, manage a sale from quote to billing PLUS automate a host of other tasks.

Konigle helps a business become more profitable.

Konigle mobile app

A better way to run your business

Turning over between $1 million to $7.5 million a year ?
You don't need an ERP to run your multi channel business.
You need Konigle, here's why.

Your day to day needs fulfilled.

If all your business needs is a simple way to manage orders, be on top of your inventory and have a clean usable customer database, then you do not need an ERP, CRM or a custom built software. Konigle is perfect for you.

Order Management
Before Konigle: Order details all over the place, Shopify, Excel, Paper, WhatsApp. Everyone is busy yet customers complain. It is a mess!

After Konigle: All orders, customer interactions and shipping details in one place. Add offline orders, customise order processing stages and track. Calm !
Inventory Management
Before Konigle: You are over stocked or under stocked. Dead stock is a huge problem. You do not know for months how much stock you have of what. You feel helpless !

After Konigle: Manage stock, automatically sync across offline and online. Get frequent alerts on stock position. You are in control !
Email/SMS Marketing
Before Konigle: Customer information is on different portals. Difficult to understand your customer persona and lot of manual work to clean the database and target them for marketing purposes. It is Chaos!

After Konigle: Konigle creates your most up to date customer data base automatically from orders and also provides analytics and insights for each customer. Target and run email campaigns You're in control !

You don't know what you don't know.

Knowing the right information at the right time helps you act in time. Higher profits and peace of mind.

Mobile + Email Alerts
Before Konigle: With you being so caught up in the daily grind of running your business, you almost wish you had someone to report to you if you had payments pending or slow moving stock. It is Chaos!

After Konigle: Your wish is granted, Konigle keeps informing you about reporting you on inventory, payments, competitor prices and more, all helping you act in time. More power to you !
Intelligent alerts to improve profit margins

The competitive advantage.

The ability to analyse your data helps you take better operating decisions. Better operating decisions mean greater profits.

Analyse your data within minutes
Before Konigle: Even thinking of analysing your data seems so difficult that you just don't do it. Analysing data requires expensive tools and learning how to use those expensive tools. It is unfair!

After Konigle: With Konigle's in built analytics tool -kriQ, you can slice and dice your data and generate a report within a few minutes. Users who have used PowerBI and Tableau before, tell us we are faster !

Can be used by most business types

Fashion businesses use Konigle for not only managing their day to day business more efficiently, but also to help grow profits using features like competitor price tracking, giving incremental discounts for slow moving items as suggested by Konigle, plus much more.
With the ability to design your own customer journey for an order inside Konigle, a furniture business can provide that same personal touch at scale without needing additional CRM software. You can continue to offer customizations and yet aspire to have great insights and build a scalable business.
Apart from managing orders in one place, understanding inventory and having a truly clean customer database, A wellness business can use Konigle's ProfitJS widgets on their online store, to drive more conversions and improve the return on their marketing spend.
The ability to understand what demand is looking like in the coming days, intelligent aggregate reports on top of orders helps Bakeries plan well and optimise costs to improve profits. Konigle is helping multi outlet bakeries centralise their order processing, payment reconciliation and much more.