Nik Sharma's DTC metrics

Ashish Kumar

5 min read

Nik Sharma, known as the 'DTC' guy, runs Sharma Brands and Masala Capital. Nik excels in cost-effectively scaling online DTC brands. Here's his take on what KPIs/metrics should a DTC store track.

In an AMA at the recently concluded Ecom World Conference, Nik Sharma 'The DTC Guy' , answered one of the most important question for Direct to Consumer online store owners - What are the most important metrics or KPIs to track for DTC stores ?

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According to Nik, there are two major categories of KPIs :

  1. Fundamental Metrics (he referred to them as the main ones)

    1. Sales/Revenue
    2. Bottom line/ Profit Margin
  2. Marketing KPIs (he referred to them as advertising kpis)

    1. Cost of Customer Acquisition
    2. Customer Life Time Value (LTV)
    3. Site Conversion Rate
    4. Average Order Value
    5. Units per transaction


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