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Retargeting is a tactic of targeting visitors who have previously accessed the web page, browsed an eCommerce store or tried to make a purchase.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a technique when users come to a website or landing page and they leave your site without buying anything so target that customer and bring them back to buy something this entire process is known as retargeting.

When a user leaves the page you lost them but if you bring them back and get them to buy.

Why retargeting is important?

You can segment customers and target them based on their Behaviour and Interest. With the help of retargeting, you will increase your sales by around 20% to 30% and even more.

Sometimes the user is interested in your product but he wants to purchase it after some time and maybe forgot it after some time, with the help of retargeting you can bring your customer back and sell.

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting works by using cookies that store in the web browser when a user visits a particular page or website. After that marketing works to bring them back because if a user leaves their cookies in the browser the marketing team shows that particular page or product ad to remind them of what they wanted to buy.

Showing relevant, targeted ads to interested customers definitely increase high chances of conversion. The Major Factors that use for retargeting the customers are Pixel-Based Retargeting and List-Based Retargeting.

1. Pixel-Based Retargeting

Pixel-based retargeting is a way to display the same product or service relevancy to particularly interested visitors.

If any visitors come to our landing page, and check products but didn't buy but that time they leave their cookies on our website. So marketers used those cookies to serve the same interest ads to the same visitors while they browse websites.

2. List-Based Retargeting

If your database has users' contact details then List-Based Retargeting works for you to target those customers. When any visitor comes to a website and leaves their contact information or subscribes newsletter then using that information you can email them about your same product or services.

Also, Konigle's Abandoned Cart Recovery helps you with human agents to engage shoppers who have abandoned carts in your store, by chatting with them over SMS.

What are the benefits of retargeting?

Reach Interested Audience: The Important benefit of retargeting is to connect with the right audience. Who is actually interested in your product or business you can only target those with the help of displaying ads instead of wasting money on ads of a broad audience or not correct audience.

Get High conversion: The correct or interested audience transforms into prospective leads. Encouraging customers to visit again on the website or landing page to connect with a product, service or brand helps you to get high conversion chances.

Get a Customer for a lifetime: Retargeting reduces cart abandonment and helps you to build trust around visitors and get a customer for a lifetime(You can upsell whenever you want or introduce a new product).

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