Top 15 Web development companies in Benin City, Nigeria for the Year 2024

1. Mega web design

5 from 422 Reviews

This course is designed for all levels and starts from zero to advanced levels of programming for web development. Each topic has three chapters beginner, ...

Mega Web Design receives positive reviews for their expertise, work ethic, and affordability. Customers find their website easy to navigate and download from. The company is recommended for both start-ups and established businesses. However, the text lacks any negative points or weaknesses. Overall, Mega Web Design appears to be a reliable choice for web design services in the city.

No 1 omo shopping complex off, Ramat Park, off Benin Auchi Rd, 300211, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

2. Digital Marketing Training Agency

5 from 34 Reviews

Oct 2, 2023 ... Course Goals: Grow a Digital Marketing Agency. Build a Digital Marketing Strategy with ChatGPT. Become a Digital Marketing Freelancer. Get Hired ...

Webbiit Technologies in Benin City is praised as the best digital marketing agency in Nigeria, offering a wonderful and impactful training program in the field. The agencys experienced and hardworking team ensures that students understand the scope of digital marketing and become professionals in the field. The training is rigorous but seamless, leading to lucrative opportunities in making money online. Overall, Webbiit Technologies receives high praise for their expertise and guidance from beginner to expert level.

166 Ugbowo Lagos Rd, Uselu 300212, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

3. Welup digital

4.9 from 64 Reviews

Welup digital is a Data-driven Digital Agency that provide digital services to SMEs and help them generate revenue and get visibility online.

Welup Digital Academy received positive reviews for its impactful and life-changing learning experience in the tech industry. The academy is praised for its collaboration among talented individuals, exceptional coaches, and effective classes on topics like data analytics, Canva design, and digital marketing. The facilitators are attentive to detail and provide guidance. Students appreciate the opportunity to learn graphic design with Canva and the expertise of the facilitator. Overall, Welup Digital Academy is highly recommended for those looking to transition into tech.

59C, Edo innovation Hub, off I.C.E. Rd, Use 300217, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

4. Diamond Web Design Company

5 from 14 Reviews

Diamond Web Design Company, Benin, Nigeria. 186 likes · 3 were here. We are a digital creative agency located in Benin City, Nigeria. Our services...

Diamond Web Design Company is highly recommended for their top-notch web design skills and professionalism. They are responsive, attentive, and aim to satisfy their clients. The company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and has shown their ability to create easy-to-use and contemporary-looking websites. They are a reliable choice for anyone looking to get their name out on the web. There are no negative points mentioned in the text.

64 First East Circular Rd, Avbiama 300105, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

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5. The grid brand

4.9 from 35 Reviews

May 3, 2022 ... The website grid is a system for organizing the content on the page and creating alignment and order. It forms the basic structure or ...

The GRID Brand in Benin City is highly praised for their expertise in website design and optimization. Clients appreciate their patience, understanding, and ability to deliver top-notch services. They are reliable, quick, and go above expectations. The creativity and dedication of The GRID Brand are highlighted, with the reviewer recommending them to anyone. No negative points are mentioned in the text.

10 akin oladiyun street, Ugbor Village Rd, GRA 300251, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

6. V3design - Digital Marketing, SEO & Web Design Company in Edo State

5 from 11 Reviews

Welcome to my LinkedIn profile! I'm a certified WordPress developer, Seo Expert and a Digital Marketing executive with a passion for helping brands and ...

V Design receives excellent reviews for their high-quality and affordable web development services. Clients love working with them and are satisfied with the results. They are praised as the best website designer in Edo state. No negative points are mentioned. Overall, V Design is highly recommended.

of, 15 Nova Road, Uselu 302001, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria


5 from 8 Reviews

We use sensors and actuators to make your drinking water system and heating network so intelligent that you can intervene in real time at any time. The ...

The web development company in Benin City receives positive reviews, praising their professional and world-class services, as well as their digital marketing agency and informative content. The company is regarded as the best in Nigeria. However, no negative points are mentioned in the reviews.

166 New Lagos Rd, Uselu 300271, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria


5 from 6 Reviews

9 Web Designers Around Benin city, Edo. Where do you need the Web Designer? Go. Do you provide Website Design?

Jukev Tech is highly praised for its website design and programming services, with reviewers considering it the best and most trustworthy technology service. The companys service is known for being super fast, and their services are considered perfect. However, there are no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Overall, Jukev Tech seems to be a reputable and highly recommended web development company.

155B First East Circular Rd, Oka 300102, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

9. Swicdigital

4.9 from 12 Reviews Website: Not Available

SWIC Gateway. The SWIC Gateway is a blockchain-based platform that enables the direct exchange of assets between investors and providers of financial products, ...

Swicdigital received positive reviews for their web design service, with customers praising their professionalism, search engine optimization assistance, and hassle-free experience. The company was commended for providing a great blog design and a superb process. Overall, Swicdigital was considered trustworthy and offered good value for their services. No negative points were mentioned in the reviews.

Edo Innovation Hub, 59C I.C.E. Rd, Use 300271, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

10. Atlas Designs Agency

5 from 3 Reviews Website: Not Available

Asheville Branding Top Agency NC: Atlas - web design, graphic design and logo design branding for restaurants, craft beer, CPG, premium brands.

No User's review found.

59 Plymouth Rd, opp. Lapo Microfinance Bank, Ogogugbo 300212, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

11. Glims Royal Dynasty

4.8 from 26 Reviews

I'm a freelance documentary and portrait photographer. I'm looking forward to working with a public figure as his or her official photographer.

Customers praise Glimd Media Company for being prompt, reliable, and efficient in their services. They are seen as trustworthy and recommendable. The company is applauded for providing an excellent source of learning and growth, particularly in digital skills that can be scaled. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews.

1 Medical Store Rd, Use 300103, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

12. Webbiit Technologies

4.8 from 65 Reviews

Webbiit Technologies is a leading web development agency based in Benin City. We help tell you business story By Designing еffесtіvе websites For Your Business.

Webbiit Technologies is highly recommended for web development and online marketing, providing useful advice and quick results. They are ahead of the curve and knowledgeable in web design and promotion. They are the best digital marketing agency in Benin City and offer professional training. The new website design is loved by customers and is user-friendly. Overall, Webbiit Technologies is the best choice for website design and revamps.

Ugbowo Lagos Rd, Uselu 300103, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

13. KayLex Digital Web Design Hub

4 from 2 Reviews Website: Not Available

At ArtCenter College of Design, we prepare artists and designers to share their creativity with the world. With a faculty made up of leading working ...

No User's review found.

2/4 boundary Road, off Ekosodin Rd, Oka 300283, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

14. Webpaal

4.5 from 8 Reviews Website: Not Available

Jul 18, 2019 ... In fact, after I took a quick glance at ... If SEO is critical to your business, don't just assume your favorite web designer is an SEO expert.

Customers are overwhelmingly positive about their experiences with the web development company, praising their highly skilled professionals and the quality of their work. There are no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the company is highly regarded and comes highly recommended.

2 igbinoba lane Off idele sawmill idunwiwina, Uselu 300117, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

15. Icoweb Agency

4.5 from 15 Reviews Website: Not Available

PACKAGE DESIGN ... design agency. ... elevate your online presence and drive tangible results. ... MISSION. Our unwavering mission is to delight our clients. We ...

ICOWEB is a reliable and effective web and app development agency. They have a young and exceptional team, provide easy access, and offer affordable prices. Clients are satisfied with their work and appreciate the automation of manual processes. However, no negative points are mentioned in the reviews. Overall, ICOWEB has received positive feedback from its clients.

44 Uwasota Rd, Uselu 311002, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

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