Top 10 SEO Agencies in Cosenza, Italy for the Year 2024


1. Internet & Idee

5 from 22 Reviews

The company offers a variety of services related to the internet, including affordable home internet, web browsing experience, movie and TV content ratings, access to a digital library, and reporting cyber crimes. Some of the services provided are: - Affordable home internet plans - Web browsing experience with features like Video Assistant and Dark Mode - Ratings and reviews for movies and TV shows - Free access to a digital library with books, movies, and music - Central hub for reporting cyber crimes by the FBI

The web development company in Calabria is highly praised for its professionalism, skills, and top-quality services. It is recognized as a leader in the IT sector. However, reviews lack details on weaknesses, making it difficult to assess the companys overall reputation. Overall, it is recommended for its competence and proficiency in the industry.

Piazza Europa, 9, 87100 Cosenza CS, Italy


2. Digi360 - Agenzia Marketing di Angelo Catania

5 from 20 Reviews

The company offers an All-in-One Mobile Marketing platform with advanced solutions at an accessible price. Co-Founded by Angelo Catania, they provide services such as animal control, podiatric treatments, and marketing agency services. They focus on online business growth through a comprehensive social media strategy. Services offered: - All-in-One Mobile Marketing platform - Animal control services - Podiatric treatments - Marketing agency services - Social media strategy for online business growth

The web development company receives glowing reviews for professionalism, reliability, and comprehensive services. Clients praised the staffs kindness, intuition, and inventiveness. There are no apparent weaknesses mentioned in the reviews, with only positive feedback provided. Overall, the company is highly recommended for its 60° professionalism and competence.

Via Antonio Scopelliti, 61, 87100 Cosenza CS, Italy

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3. Internet a modo srls (Gaudio Web Agency)

4.9 from 30 Reviews

Internet a modo srls, also known as Gaudio Web Agency, is a professional web design and development company based near Milan, Italy. They offer a range of services including website design, e-commerce solutions, social media management, and app development. Clients praise the company for its competent, professional, and helpful staff. With a focus on innovative technology and high-quality handmade ceramic floor design, Internet a modo srls is a reliable partner for online business success. Services: - Website design - E-commerce solutions - Social media management - App development - Handmade ceramic floor design

Highly recommended web development agency with professional, reliable, and competent staff. Clients praise their passion for work, punctuality, and availability. No negative reviews provided. Highly recommended for companies looking to expand online presence.

Via Nicola Serra, 33, 87100 Cosenza CS, Italy


4. Level U.P. Web Marketing & Management

5 from 19 Reviews

Level Up Marketing is a Google Partner digital marketing agency aimed at helping small to midsize businesses achieve their marketing goals and strategies. They specialize in lead generation, digital marketing, advertising, and search engine marketing. Additionally, they offer services such as ordering, payments, and loyalty experiences for restaurants. As a CSR initiative, they also work to upskill refugees and asylum seekers across Europe. Located in San Diego, California, Level Up Marketing is a small and focused agency dedicated to helping businesses level up to the next stage of growth.

Level U.P. is praised for their professionalism, quick response, and tailored services. Clients recommend them for their high-quality work rivaling large American companies. However, the text lacks specific examples of their work and does not mention any potential weaknesses. Overall, Level U.P. receives positive feedback for their expertise and customer service.

Via Alcide de Gasperi, 54, 87100 Cosenza CS, Italy

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5. Design&Multimedia

4.8 from 12 Reviews

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool offering a variety of services including creating social media posts, presentations, logos, and more. Founded in 1877, RISD is one of the first art and design schools in the US, offering studio-based learning. ArtCenter College of Design prepares artists and designers to share their creativity. Parsons focuses on the transformative potential of design through academic programs. Design Mom is a top lifestyle blog helping women manage home and work life. The company also provides stories about various design aspects such as furniture, fashion, and industrial design by contemporary designers.

The web development company receives positive feedback for competence, availability, and innovative ideas. However, criticisms include inadequate communication support and professionalism. Overall, the company is praised for its professionalism but is advised to improve on communication and consistency in service delivery.

Via Popilia, snc Palazzo Condominio EsseC 87100, Via Popilia, 87100 Cosenza CS, Italy


6. Arkys - Digital Marketing

5 from 5 Reviews

Arkys is a web agency specializing in digital marketing with a focus on search engine optimization and web marketing activities. They offer services such as social media marketing, online brand communication, and e-commerce solutions. The company also provides training courses in digital marketing, web marketing, and social media. Overall, Arkys is known for its expertise in the digital marketing field and commitment to helping clients achieve their online goals. Services offered: - Search engine optimization - Web marketing - Social media marketing - Online brand communication - E-commerce solutions - Training courses in digital marketing, web marketing, and social media.

Positive reviews highlight the professionalism and competence of the web development company, emphasizing the value they bring to their clients. However, negative points were not provided. Verdict: Reliable and serious professionals in the industry.

Residence Airone/B, Via Popilia, 132, 87100 Cosenza CS, Italy


7. Italiaonline Sales Company Cosenza

4.6 from 8 Reviews

Italiaonline Sales Company in Cosenza specializes in developing online communication for small and medium-sized businesses in Calabria. The company offers a wide range of solutions and services to help businesses improve their online presence and reach their target audience. Services offered by Italiaonline Sales Company include: - Web development - Digital sales accounts - Advertising agency services

Review summaries for a web development company highlight strengths such as quick responses and good communication, but cite weaknesses in meeting deadlines and quality control issues. Negative feedback includes lack of professionalism, poor attention to detail, and unmet client expectations. Overall, the company receives mixed reviews with room for improvement in various areas.

Viale Giacomo Mancini, 87100 Cosenza CS, Italy


8. Fullmidia Srl

4 from 8 Reviews

Fullmidia Srl is a web agency that specializes in social media marketing, creating ecommerce sites, and developing websites. The company has a team of web developers and designers who work on projects to help businesses grow. Services offered by Fullmidia Srl include: - Social media marketing strategy development - Ecommerce site creation - Website development and design

Reviews for a web development company in a city show mixed opinions. Strengths include skilled developers, timely delivery. Weaknesses include poor communication, lack of transparency. Negative feedback predominates, suggesting caution in hiring. Overall, the company needs improvement in communication and transparency.

Via Sandro Pertini, 51, 87036 Rende CS, Italy

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