Top 10 SEO Agencies in Salem, India for the Year 2024


1. VFM Digital Marketing

5 from 76 Reviews

VFM Digital Marketing is a leading company in Salem, India, offering ROI driven digital marketing services. They empower brands through strategic digital solutions, focusing on SEO and PPC campaign management. Their services include marketing consulting, website design, and the VFM Strategic Marketing Formula™. They specialize in scalable technology to solve unique marketing challenges and provide affordable professional SEO services. The company helps hotel and travel companies enhance their online marketing through rich visual content. Wells Fargo is currently seeking digital marketing candidates for this company.

VFM Digital Marketing in Salem is praised for its effective services, generating quality leads and aiding start-ups. Clients appreciate its reliability and budget-friendly options. However, some negative aspects are undisclosed. The companys services seem beneficial overall, with potential drawbacks not fully detailed.

Alamarakkadu, Shop No. 2, kavin Complex, Meyyanur, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636004, India


2. OctaDigi

5 from 36 Reviews

OctaDigi is a digital marketing company based in Salem, India, with 178 followers on LinkedIn and 2717 likes on Facebook. They offer end-to-end digital marketing solutions, including SEO services and social media management. The company aims to provide the best ROI for their clients and has a team of passionate individuals dedicated to helping businesses grow online. Contact them for assistance in taking your business to the next level. Services offered: - SEO services - Social media management - Digital marketing solutions

Positive reviews highlight Asifs professionalism, creativity, and efficient digital marketing services. Clients appreciate his timely responses and quality work. However, some mention lack of detail in solving queries. Overall, Asif and his team are recommended for website development and SEO needs, offering cost-effective solutions across various industries. Negative points include slight lack of detail in addressing inquiries.

266/2, Omalur Main Rd, opp. Pothys, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636007, India

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3. Go Digital Ads

5 from 35 Reviews

Go Digital Ads is a digital agency that offers innovative strategies and cutting-edge services to redefine digital success. The company provides digital marketing services and connects creativity to commerce. They offer a digital ad management platform called GO Digital for superior ad targeting. Their services include digital video ads, content placement ads, and quickly deploying digital ads. Go Digital America showcases brands in a contemporary format that resonates with modern buyers. GoDigital Media operates a network of indoor digital advertising screens, boosting engagement by starting conversations. Services offered: - Digital marketing - Ad management platform - Digital video ads - Content placement ads - Quick deployment of digital ads - Indoor digital advertising screens

Go Digital Ads offers tailored digital marketing solutions that have elevated online presence for satisfied clients. Positive feedback highlights the teams creativity, prompt issue resolution, and impact on business growth. However, a lack of detailed negative feedback raises concerns about transparency and potential shortcomings in service quality. Overall, Go Digital Ads comes highly recommended for businesses seeking a boost in their online presence.

263, First Floor, Gokulnathan Street, Advaitha Ashram Rd, Arthanari Nagar, Swarnapuri, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636004, India


4. Adzor - Digital Marketing

5 from 20 Reviews

Adzor is a top digital marketing company in Salem, offering a full range of services including SEO, PPC, social media, web design, and more. The company is known for helping businesses increase leads and skyrocket their online presence. Services offered include: - SEO - PPC - Social media marketing - Web design - Ecommerce website development - Seo copywriting services

Adzor Digital Marketing in Salem receives praise for website development, e-commerce handling, and social media marketing services. Clients recommend the company for top digital marketing services but negative aspects or weaknesses are not mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the company is highly recommended for its exceptional work and results.

national school, Saniyasi Gundu Rd, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636015, India

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5. Joojoy

5 from 15 Reviews

Joojoy is a top Digital Marketing Academy in Salem offering advanced digital marketing services. Established in 2018, they provide training and courses in digital marketing. Services offered include: - Digital Marketing Training - Advanced Digital Marketing Services - Integrated Marketing Communication - Affordable Digital Marketing Courses.

Joojoy in Salem receives positive reviews for its Digital Marketing courses, with praise for knowledgeable staff, real-time examples, and job placements. However, there are concerns about the course duration and late-night support. Despite this, Joojoy is recommended for those seeking to enhance their skills in Digital Marketing in Salem.

24, Chinnammal Complex, ARRS Multiplex Road, Meyyanur, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636004, India


6. Digital Marketing Trainer Salem

5 from 9 Reviews

The company offers a range of digital marketing services including workshops and training for content creators, voice-over artists, graphic design, digital marketing management, film & music marketing, and social media marketing. They also provide courses in digital marketing training to help individuals become successful digital marketers. The company has a creative and business-savvy approach to digital marketing and offers a variety of services to cater to different needs in the industry.

Raja Digital Marketing Services received positive reviews praising Rajas excellent teaching methods, clear explanations, and friendly demeanor. Clients benefitted from practical knowledge and engaging sessions. However, some negative points were not mentioned, making it difficult to fully evaluate the companys services. Overall, the reviews highlight Rajas expertise in digital marketing, but the absence of critical feedback limits a comprehensive assessment.

85, N.G.G.O. Colony, Sengal Anai, Road, Ponnammapet, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636003, India


7. Salem Express Digital Marketing Agency

5 from 9 Reviews

Salem Express Digital Marketing Agency is a premier agency based in Salem, Tamilnadu, India, offering creative and bespoke social media services. They focus on enhancing lead generation on social media to elevate sales for their clients. Services offered by the agency include: - Social media marketing - Comprehensive diabetes care - Data-driven marketing - Online and print programs - Helping individuals express their individuality for brand growth.

Positive reviews highlight expertise in Facebook, YouTube marketing, and SEO services, along with clear explanations and support in business development. Negative: lack of specific details, repetitiveness in thanking. Overall, the company receives praise for its services but could benefit from more diverse feedback and specific reviews.

Plot no 100-6, Door no 235/16A R.G.Nagar, Engineer's Colony, Extn, Reddipatti, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636302, India



4.9 from 15 Reviews

Lamdasoft is a leading digital marketing and web design company founded in 2017, specializing in innovative software products for the telecommunication and space industry. They offer services in Salem, Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore, with expertise in web design and digital marketing. Lamdasoft also provides email marketing solutions and transportation solutions through Mango call Taxi. Services Offered: - Web Design - Digital Marketing - Email Marketing Solutions - Transportation Solutions

Lamdsoft, a web design company in Bangalore, excels in lead generation and provides friendly service. Clients praise their knowledge, reasonable pricing, and understanding of customer needs. However, the reviews lack depth and specific details about the companys services and results. Further feedback may be needed to fully assess their capabilities and reputation in the industry.

4/211, Indirani Nagar, Narasothipatti, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636004, India


9. Time2Digital

4.8 from 10 Reviews Website: Not Available

Time2Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency with expertise in digital marketing, email marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, web development, WordPress design, and graphic design. They also specialize in electronics with time-to-digital converters. The company has a strong presence on Instagram with 850 followers and offers services such as social media management, website development, and graphic design. With a young and talented team, Time2Digital aims to be your ultimate guide to travel and food reviews. Join their community today! Services offered: - Digital marketing - Email marketing - SEO - SEM - Social media marketing - Web development - WordPress design - Graphic design

Reviews for the web development company in Salem praise their good service, reasonable prices, professional design skills, and timely delivery. They are noted for their expertise in SEO and Facebook marketing. However, the lack of specific negative points or detailed feedback about weaknesses suggests a limited scope for improvement. Overall, the company is highly recommended for their high satisfaction rates and strong technical abilities.

123, New Trichy Branch Rd, Linemedu, Gugai, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636006, India


10. First Success Technologies OPC Private Limited

4.9 from 163 Reviews

First Success Technologies OPC Private Limited is a digital marketing company based in Salem, established in 201. The company offers services such as computer software development and training/lecturer programs. They have a reputation for excellence, with positive customer reviews and ratings. Additionally, their team includes experienced professionals dedicated to providing quality services to their clients. Services: - Digital marketing - Computer software development - Training/lecturer programs

FST is praised for its affordable digital marketing courses, practical sessions, and effective strategies. However, some reviewers mention difficulties in competing with competitors and lack of detailed syllabus information. Despite this, the company is recommended for beginners and experienced marketers. Overall, FST is a recommended option for those looking to improve their digital marketing skills.

80/8A, near Sai Baba Temple, Mullai Nagar, Junction, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636005, India

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