Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt City Hall, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Illum.e GP tuition, English, IP English and Humanities Tuition

5 from 175 Reviews

illum.e is an MOE-approved tuition centre in Singapore offering high-quality English, General Paper (GP), Economics, and Humanities programmes. They provide IP English and Language Arts, Humanities, and GP tuition at multiple convenient locations in Singapore. Students have praised their engaging lessons and effective teaching methods. Services offered by illum.e include: - English and IP Language Arts Tuition - Humanities Tuition for Primary - GP Tuition - Enrichment programmes For more information, interested individuals can contact the centre at 88898705.

Illume tution center in Singapore receives glowing reviews praising their structured and engaging teaching methods, one-to-one consultations, and comprehensive notes for General Paper. Students appreciate clear explanations and personal feedback, with improved grades and motivation being common outcomes. Lack of negative feedback suggests a positive overall experience. Highly recommended for those seeking English tuition.

134 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-311, Singapore 600134


2. Group Tuition with Arthur Lee

5 from 138 Reviews

The O Level Tuition Centre led by top tutor Arthur Lee offers group tuition for various subjects. Classes are limited to 10 students and focus on Biology, Chemistry, E Math, and A Math. The company also provides formula summaries and key services for academic growth. Enjoy quality education and guidance from experienced tutors at the O Level Tuition Centre. Services offered: - Group tuition for O Level subjects - Formula summaries - Academic support and guidance

Positive reviews highlight Mr. Lees effectiveness in improving grades, engaging teaching style, and willingness to help students understand tough concepts. However, the lack of negative points in the reviews may suggest bias or unbalanced feedback. Overall, Mr. Lees tuition services are highly recommended by satisfied students for his dedication and impact on academic performance.

Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-257 Blk 131, Singapore 600131


3. Trinity Learning Centre

5 from 83 Reviews

Trinity Learning Centre, located in Jurong East, Singapore, has over 000 students in grades 1-5, offering a Christ-centered learning environment. They specialize in E-learning/Online programs and provide a range of services to help students grow academically and spiritually. Services offered include: - Math Models Series - Library and IT services - Enquiry-based learning opportunities - American Sign Language Learning Center - Rich early learning environment at the Early Learning Centre Overall, Trinity Learning Centre provides a holistic educational experience for students of all ages.

Mr Low, a patient and experienced math teacher at a tuition centre in Singapore, receives positive feedback for improving students math skills through interactive lessons, access to additional learning resources, and encouraging questions. However, the reviews lack diversity and critical analysis, potentially skewing the perception of his teaching ability. Verdict: Positive feedback, but lack of detailed critique from a variety of perspectives.

Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-309E, Singapore 600134


4. Tim Gan Math Learning Centre - JC H2 Math Tuition In Singapore

5 from 80 Reviews

Tim Gan Math Learning Centre in Singapore offers quality O Level, IP Level, and JC H2 math tuition. The center provides the best learning resources for students, both online and in-person. The founder, Mr. Tim Gan, is known for being a caring, passionate, and genuine teacher who has helped students improve their grades in H2 Mathematics. The center specializes in JC H2 Math tuition and secondary maths tuition. Overall, Tim Gan Math Learning Centre aims to make JC H2 Mathematics easy to understand and build students confidence in math. Services offered: - O Level math tuition - IP Level math tuition - JC H2 math tuition - Secondary maths tuition

Students praise Mr. Gans patient teaching style, clear explanations, and engaging lessons at TGM Learning Centre for H2 Mathematics. The well-categorised notes, online question bank, and video solutions are highly valued. However, some mention the regret of not finding the centre sooner. Overall, TGM Learning Centre is highly recommended for anyone seeking effective math tuition in Singapore.

Blk 133 Jurong Gateway Rd, #02-95, Singapore 600133

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5. Achevas A-Level JC H2 Math Tuition & O-Level IP Additional Math Tuition

5 from 50 Reviews

Achevas offers A-Level H2 Math and O-Level/IP Additional Math tuition with a unique Theory-Centric & Practice-Centric methodology. They provide weekly classes, in-house materials, and have a structured approach to help students excel. Services offered include: - A-Level JC H2 Math Tuition - O-Level Additional Math Tuition - Secondary Additional Math & IP Math Tuition

Students praised Ms Janice and Mr Jack for their passionate teaching, clear explanations, and dedication to students success. Ms Janice was noted for making learning enjoyable and helping students achieve top grades. However, a lack of negative feedback suggests biased reviews. A more balanced perspective from a wider range of students would provide a more accurate assessment of the tutoring center.

21 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-01 CPF Jurong Building, Singapore 608546


6. Axcell Tuition Centre, Jurong East

4.9 from 11 Reviews

Axcell Tuition Centre in Jurong East and Queenstown offers primary and secondary tuition for all subjects. Their services include small group tuition, customised learning, experienced and friendly tutors. The centre provides professional and student-centric tutoring services. Contact them via email or phone for more information. Services offered: - Primary and secondary tuition for all subjects - Small group tuition - Customised learning - Experienced and friendly tutors

The tuition center in Singapore receives overwhelmingly positive reviews for its friendly and patient teachers, personalized attention, and improvement in students academic performance. Parents appreciate the extra effort and individualized approach. However, some negative aspects could include the need for more variety in teaching methods and better communication with parents about progress. Overall, the tuition center is highly praised for its supportive environment and dedicated instructors.

Blk 237 Jurong East Street 21, #01-400, Singapore 600237


7. EduFirst Learning Centre (Jurong East Branch) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre Singapore

4.9 from 61 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre in Singapore offers tuition services for English, Maths, Chinese, and Science for primary and secondary students. They also provide O Level exam crash courses and customized services in various subjects. The company has multiple branches across Singapore, including Jurong East and Sembawang. Services offered: - English, Maths, Chinese, and Science tuition for primary and secondary students - O Level exam crash courses - Customized services in various subjects

Edufirst tuition center in Singapore receives rave reviews for caring tutors, engaging classes, and helpful resources. Positive comments on interactive learning, dedicated teachers like Mr. Asyraf, and MOE-standard materials. However, some negative points include group setting challenges and potentially repetitive syllabus. Overall, Edufirst is recommended for its attentive and engaging teaching methods.

21 Jurong East Central 1, Level 1 Jurong Regional Library, Singapore 609732


8. Learners' Lodge@Jurong JC Economics Tuition

4.9 from 141 Reviews

Learners Lodge offers a comprehensive JC H2 Economics tuition program aimed at helping students understand complex concepts. They have well-made econ notes and a team of highly qualified teachers. The company also provides tuition for Economics, Chemistry, and Biology for JC students. Learners Lodge has multiple branches in Singapore, including locations in Jurong and Bishan. They focus on helping students grasp difficult Economics concepts and have a strong team of tutors dedicated to igniting passion for the subject. Services offered include: - JC H2 Economics tuition - Tuition for Economics, Chemistry, and Biology - Qualified teachers - Well-made econ notes - Multiple branches in Singapore

Positive reviews highlight dedicated and supportive teachers in the tuition center. Students appreciate personalized attention, clear explanations, and improved grades. However, the lack of negative feedback makes it difficult to assess the quality of teaching. Overall, the tuition center seems to have effective teachers but may benefit from a more comprehensive range of reviews for a balanced evaluation.

Jurong Gateway Rd, #02-309B BLK 134, Singapore 600134


9. The Thought Tailor (Jurong East)

4.9 from 183 Reviews

The Thought Tailor is a top English tuition center in Singapore, with locations in Jurong East and Bukit Timah. They offer high quality English and General Paper tutoring, with classes available online and in-person. The center is conveniently located near MRT stations for easy access. The Thought Tailor has experienced teachers with over 8 years of teaching experience, catering to students from kindergarten to primary level. Services offered include: - English and General Paper tuition - Online and in-person classes - Conveniently located centers - Experienced teachers - Personalized learning approach

The tution center in Singapore received positive feedback for its comprehensive notes, engaging lessons, and helpful teachers. Students noted improvements in grades and writing skills. However, there were no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the center was praised for its structured approach and friendly staff, making it a recommended choice for those looking to improve in English.

2, 02-07 Venture Dr, Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526


10. Elite Tutor Home Tuition Agency

4.9 from 211 Reviews

Elite Tutor is a leading tuition agency in Singapore, specializing in providing experienced and committed tutors for home tuition. They offer private tuition services, have a forecasted growth of $227bn by 2022, and provide tutoring assignments for those interested in becoming tutors. Additionally, Elite Tutors Hong Kong provides exceptional support for students. Services offered include: - Experienced and committed tutors for home tuition - Private tuition services - Tutoring assignments available - Exceptional support for students in Hong Kong

Positive reviews commend Elite Tutor for the dedication and effectiveness of their tutors in improving students grades. However, some negative feedback includes mismatches in teaching styles and lack of success with certain tutors. Overall, Elite Tutor provides a helpful service with room for improvement in matching tutors to students needs.

2 Venture Dr, #24 – 01, Singapore 608526

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