Top 6 Best Tuition Centre near mrt King Albert Park, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Best Physics Tuition Centre Pte Ltd

5 from 245 Reviews

The Institute of Physics (IOP) in Singapore offers tuition programmes taught by experienced physics tutor Mr. Tony Chee to help struggling students achieve academic success. The Physics Academy provides courses for IP, O Level, JC, and A Level Physics, focusing on building strong foundations and skillsets for students. Founded by Mr. Dave Sim, The Physics Café is a well-known tuition center specializing in Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. Services offered by these institutions include: - Tuition programmes - Physics, Maths, and Chemistry education - Strong foundation building - Academic support Overall, the IOP-affiliated tuition centers are committed to helping students excel in physics and other related subjects.

Mr Chee, a physics teacher at a tuition centre in Singapore, receives overwhelmingly positive reviews for his dedication, clear materials, engaging lessons, and patient teaching style. Students note significant improvements in grades and understanding of physics concepts. However, some reviews lack specificity and appear overly positive, potentially lacking nuance or genuine critique. Overall, Mr Chee is highly recommended for physics tuition.

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #B1-32, Singapore 588179


2. Think Teach Academy (KAP)

4.9 from 54 Reviews

Think Teach Academy is a leading PSLE Primary Tuition Centre offering Chinese, English, Math, and Science tuition. Located in Upper Thomson, Kovan, Bukit Timah, and Siglap, they empower students to think smart. Services offered include: - Primary Chinese, English, Math & Science Tuition - PSLE Powerhouse in English, Chinese, Math, and Science - Private Science Lessons - KAP facilitator training Overall, Think Teach Academy is known for its premium education services and philosophy of teaching smart.

Think Teach Academy received positive reviews for improving grades in English, Math, and Science through engaging lessons and dedicated teachers. However, one parent suggested introducing weekly spellings and homework for less motivated students. Overall, the tuition center is commended for its effective teaching methods and encouraging environment, making it a recommended choice for students seeking academic improvement.

9 King Albert Park, #02-04/25/26 KAP Mall, Singapore 598332


3. My Math Story Enrichment Centre

5 from 6 Reviews

My Math Story Enrichment Centre, founded by Ms Lim, provides demanding and precise math classes that focus on deductive and inductive learning. The center offers a comprehensive math program and innovative supplemental resources. Students construct their own knowledge and understanding, guided by dedicated tutors. Services offered include: - Math enrichment programs - Next-generation learning solution - Kumon after school math and reading programs - IMACS online classes for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Reviews for a tuition centre in Singapore are not available at this time. Readers are unable to assess the strengths or weaknesses of the centre based on customer feedback. It is recommended to wait for reviews before making a decision on enrolling in the tuition centre.

9 King Albert Park, #02-31, Singapore 598332


4. Chapter One English Boutique Studio

5 from 6 Reviews

Chapter One is an English boutique studio in Singapore that specializes in English tuition and enrichment for children. They focus on fostering a deep love for the language and empowering voices through their programs. The studio offers a range of services including English tuition and enrichment programs for children.

Chapter One tuition center in Singapore receives glowing reviews for their dedicated teachers, interactive methods, and successful writing programs. Parents and students praise the warm atmosphere, creativity, and effectiveness of the staff. The innovative Open Writing Studio allows children to express themselves freely. However, some negative points could be a lack of focus on other subjects or a need for a more structured curriculum. Overall, Chapter One is highly recommended for students looking to excel in English.

9 King Albert Park, Singapore 598332

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5. Eye Level

4.5 from 4 Reviews

Eye Level is a premier supplemental education and enrichment program that focuses on developing self-directed learning habits and problem-solving skills in students. Their program spans various locations and offers services such as improving comprehension, building confidence, and encouraging self-directed learning. Eye Level also provides state-of-the-art technology, procedures, treatments, and education to ensure clear vision and healthy eyes. Services offered: - Supplemental education and enrichment program - Self-directed learning and problem-solving skill development - Comprehension improvement - Confidence-building - Vision and eye health care

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9 King Albert Park, #01-36, Singapore 598332

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