Why we built Konigle ?

Most people or businesses actually 'do not make' money online and we want to change it.

Make 'real' money online.

We began our journey in 2018, when we realised that most people do not make any 'real' money online and we were trying to help an amazon seller understand his sales data with a ChatGPT like bot. This started our journey into the wilderness to find a 'real' solution so as to help enterprising people participate in the internet economy profitably.

Konigle Prototype from way back in 2018
Mr Chan Konigle and Jatin Khosla

The wilderness

As we kept iterating the Konigle product for the next 2.5 years we realised that there were seven major strategies that needed to be implemented to make 'real' money online and the best way Konigle could be helpful is to help make it as easy as possible to implement these strategies for anyone looking to participate in the internet economy.

Our first BFCM

During BFCM 2021 our pricing tool that enabled online stores schedule price changes automatically and run promotions turned out to be a hit. This coincided with our helpful guides written to help people make 'real' money online starting to rank organically and getting 1000's of readers. This made us realise the key to making 'real' money online was :

Konigle Website Builder Dashboard
The Konigle Website Builder Dashboard

Everything you need to make 'real' money online

The Konigle AI-system is an AI website builder, email marketing platform and lots of other features to help you make 'real' money online. Thank you for reading about our history & hopefully you'll join thousands of other enterprising folks to give Konigle a try.

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