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A landing page is a web page designed to get visitors to take a specific action on your online store by clicking through a search, email, ad, or other digital location.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any web page that a visitor can land on, but in digital marketing, it’s usually a standalone page, different from your homepage or any other page, that has a single and focused purpose.

The main purpose of a landing page is to convert and build a list of leads that can help with more personalized marketing campaigns using email, paid ads, or other types of targeted marketing.

It’s one step closer to a visitor becoming a customer of your products. Your landing page lets make a sale, some sort of special discount, piece of information, or a deal, in return for providing contact information.

Types of Landing Pages

There are many landing pages but each has its specific goal depending on the business or store. Generally, all landing pages are categorized into two categories: lead generation and click-through landing pages.

1. Lead generation landing pages:

This landing page does not offer your final product or service, but something level up in the funnel. By providing contact information to obtain the deal, the visitor becomes a lead that you can now follow up with in the future, via phone or email.

2. Click-through landing pages:

On these landing pages, there is no form on the page. The page gives information or something dedicated to explaining the features and benefits of the offer, and deals, and when the user clicks on the button, it redirected them to a new page where the user obtains the offer or deal.

Best practice for creating landing pages?

  • Set a dedicated goal
  • Target the audience
  • Make competitor analysis
  • Start with an attractive offer and deal
  • Create a catchy and clickable headline
  • Write engaging content
  • Keep all formate clean and organized
  • Keep FAQ on your landing pages
  • Make page responsive (Optimize for all devices)
  • Add a form for leads
  • Create a thank you page

How do drive traffic to Landing Pages?

There are many ways to drive traffic to your landing pages such as organic and paid.

Organic Search

By creating engaging, legitimate, and user perspective useful content (what visitors search on the web) on your website or landing pages, you can ensure that your store or products appear more frequently in related searches where you got more and more traffic compactly free of cost.

Paid Social

Running ad campaigns on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is a great way to target people and communities who’ll be particularly interested in your products and services.

Flash Sales are a trustable technique to drive traffic and improve sales for any online store. Using Konigle's store-wide flash sale you can run a flash sale in less than 5 minutes.

Email Campaigns

Email is the direct and most effective marketing way to reach out to your customers or visitors because it's super easy to target them (and at low costs) compared to other platforms.

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