Store-wide Flash Sale

Run flash sales across your online store within minutes.

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Save time


Run a flash sale in less than 5 minutes


Avoid losses, double discounts and 1 click rollback

Automatic Reports

Auto generated reports by variant to save even more time

About Store-wide flash sale

Flash Sales are a reliable technique to drive traffic and improve sales for any online store. A flash sale can help reduce dead stock and attract new customers. Read our 2021 Flash Sale Guide to understand benefits of a Flash Sale in detail.

Konigle's store-wide flash sale shortcut makes it super easy to run flash sales in a reliable and efficient way, saving time and eliminating errors.

Run a flash sale

Start in under 5 minutes

Just decide on start and end time and discount percentage and you are set to go. The fastest way to run a flash sale.

One click Rollback

1-click price rollbacks to revert prices to the orginal values.

Schedule for Future

Easily schedule bulk pricing tasks to run daily, weekly or any time in the future, with automatic rollbacks.

Avoid double discounts

Konigle detects product on discount and avoids over discounting, to result in losses.

Prevent losses

Konigle detects products being sold at a loss and can avoid discounting them.

Psychological pricing

Konigle automatically sets your compare at prices such that to highlight larger discounts, leading to higher conversions.

Automatic Reports

Konigle autogenerates reports by variants to understand how the Flash Sale impacted the sales performance of various products.

Implement Charm Pricing (99 pricing)

Implement charm pricing with a click, by rounding off the price to the nearest .99 cents

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