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V-commerce is an eCommerce term that refers to the buying and selling of products with the help of virtual and AR technology.

What is V commerce?

V commerce also stands for virtual commerce (or voice commerce) is a process that encourages shoppers to do shopping smartly and smart devices to conduct trade online using virtual and AR technology. An immersive technology that allows shoppers to interact with stores in a virtual world.

The main aim of v-commerce is to make an easy buying process and provide an alternative to using a keyboard and a mouse to order and buy products online.

In v commerce, virtual trial rooms show how an item would look to customers without actually needing to try on the item.

With the help of technology like voice commerce, completing an order becomes faster and can be accomplished at any time throughout the day, if your device can hear your voice command.

If implemented properly, the potential for v-commerce, in particular with products is huge. V-Commerce includes interaction with a virtual eCommerce store or connected to the internet.

Benefits of V commerce

Sales: Day-by-day development of VR technology, expected that it won’t be long before you can try on clothes or other items and pay for them in virtual shops that increase sales.

Technology: The travel industry is another platform that can really benefit because they are selling experiences with v commerce. VR gives shoppers an idea of what their holiday will be like before they spend their money on particular products.

Flexibility: V-commerce gives shoppers an immersive shopping experience at home. VA simplifies the sales process and guides shoppers to complete their purchases online.

Challenges To V commerce

  • Lack of trust in the store
  • Privacy Concerns while shopping
  • Optimizing for the voice of customers
  • Market to conquer in competition
  • Challenge occurs in the ability to adapt to the evolution
  • Lack of user-friendliness of the interfaces
  • Sometimes take long download times to malfunction
  • Technology costs can sometimes still be high

Study on V commerce

A recent Capgemini study which analyzed over 5,000 consumers in the US, UK, France, and Germany found that:

In other words, V commerce is all set to become the next big thing in the e-commerce industry and it is really helpful for eCommerce stores.

Example of AR in commerce