Top 15 Web development companies in Amiens, France for the Year 2024

1. Agence GLX

5 from 38 Reviews

La e-com référence. L'Agence GLX est une agence de marketing digital spécialisée dans la branche du e-commerce à Amiens en Hauts de France.

Customers are highly satisfied with the GLX agency, praising their attention to detail, quality of work, and professionalism. The agencys 60-degree service and network are impressive, and they have sister agencies and top consultants. The team is exceptional and provides personalized guidance for e-commerce businesses. However, no negative points are mentioned, indicating a lack of critical feedback. Overall, the GLX agency is recommended with confidence.

15 Av. Paul Claudel, 80480 Dury, France

2. Agence web Lapostolle

5 from 19 Reviews

Lapostolle est une agence web à Amiens : création de site internet et spécialiste en stratégie digitale (communication, webmarketing...)

Customers highly recommend the Lapostolle agency for creating visual identities, websites, flyers, and business cards. The trainers, particularly Mr. Lapostolle and Wladimir, are praised for their professionalism, competence, patience, attentiveness, and educational approach. The training experience is described as excellent and pleasant. There are no negative points mentioned in the reviews.

36 Rue du Château d'Eau, 80310 Saint-Vaast-en-Chaussée, France

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3. Boitmobile

5 from 11 Reviews

For 40 years, La Boit Specialty Vehicles has set the standard for unsurpassed quality and workmanship in the specialty vehicle manufacturing sector. All La Boit ...

Boitmobile, a web development company, receives positive reviews for their technical optimization of websites, improved loading time and web referencing, and responsive and competitive services. Clients appreciate their professional and attentive approach, honoring requests with reactivity and intelligence. The company is described as efficient, with respected deadlines and attractive prices. Overall, Boitmobile is praised for their excellent customer experience and high-quality services. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews.

36 Pl. René Goblet, 80000 Amiens, France

4. Antzwave - Agence de Communication et publicité

5 from 9 Reviews

Nouvelles · L'innovation des écrans d'affichage dynamique pour l'intérieur : On'Glass Fly · Agence - Communication et publicité - Antzwave · Agence - Communication ...

Reviews for the web development company are positive overall, highlighting the companys professionalism, attentiveness, and high-quality work. The team is described as responsive, accommodating, and creative. However, there are no negative points mentioned in the provided text. Thus, no weaknesses can be identified at this time.

2 Rue Jacquart, 80000 Amiens, France

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5. Création site internet Amiens - Webmaster FusionWeb

5 from 8 Reviews

Fréquence Fusion Fréquence Fusion est une station de web radio privée française appartenant au Groupe Azur Presse, constitué de la station de radio Web, ...

The reviews praise the web development company for their professionalism, speed, and attentiveness. They are reliable, responsive, and efficient. The team receives high recommendations and the resulting websites are exceptional. However, the text does not mention any weaknesses or negative points. Overall, the company seems to have a strong reputation and positive customer experiences.

Rue Boucher de Perthes, 80000 Amiens, France

6. Agence ici - Création de site internet et communication

5 from 8 Reviews

l'Agence ici d'Amiens est une agence de communication et une agence web spécialisée dans la création de site internet et e-commerce, le graphisme et le ...

The communication agency in Amiens is highly recommended by clients for their professionalism, responsiveness, and expertise in creating dynamic and innovative websites. The team is commended for their ability to listen to clients needs and deliver top-notch technical work. No negative points were mentioned in the reviews.

13 Rue Duroyer, 80000 Amiens, France

7. NilObstat

5 from 5 Reviews

NILOBSTAT Agence Web Amiens · Création de site web. Développement de site internet sur mesure · Sites e-commerce. La vente en ligne à la portée de tous.

Arnaud Vatel is an excellent web designer with high-quality work and unparalleled responsiveness. Prices are fair and the collaboration has been successful since 2006. No negative points are mentioned.

22 Bd de Belfort, 80000 Amiens, France

8. Honet

5 from 2 Reviews

In addition to becoming skillful in the use and application of Web and Print Design systems, students will also possess a foundation of knowledge that may ...

No User's review found.

Bd Baraban, 80000 Amiens, France

9. ZipBox

5 from 1 Reviews

ZipBox takes away the hassle and stress of updating and maintaining your website. Designed specifically for Commercial Property Professionals, ZipBox instantly ...

No User's review found.

18 Rue Buffon, 80000 Amiens, France

10. NeoDesign - Création de sites web à Amiens

4.9 from 7 Reviews

NeoDesign Amiens, Amiens. 63 likes. NeoDesign vous accompagne dans le développement de vos sites et applications web Qu'il s'agiss.

Mr MARLETTAs web development services have received excellent reviews for their impeccable quality and effectiveness in boosting sales. Customers highly recommend him for his responsive and efficient work. He is commended for going beyond the web interface and delivering a essential site. No negative points are mentioned, indicating a positive overall experience.

49 Rue Saint-Roch, 80000 Amiens, France

11. Sacha Le-Berre - Ensemble nous allons créer votre site internet avec Wordpress.

4.9 from 11 Reviews

Expérience · Chargé de production audiovisuelle · Créer un site internet wordpress ‍ avec moi, c'est aussi facile que dire bonjour .

Customers praise Sachas professionalism, creativity, and availability in creating websites. He provides regular communication and training videos, making clients self-sufficient. Sachas services are affordable and he delivers websites in a short time frame. Reviews unanimously recommend him for web development. No negative points are mentioned.

26 Rue Pauquy, 80000 Amiens, France

12. Nathan Reix - Développeur web freelance

4.8 from 6 Reviews

... Freelance. Vous avez un projet ? Je vous répondrai sous 48h, merci. Envoyer. ou laissez-moi un message au : 06 02 10 33 24. ©2023 Nathan Reix, développeur web.

Customers are highly satisfied with Nathans web development services, praising his quality of work, responsiveness, and professionalism. Clients commend his expertise in design and functionality and highlight his skills showcased on his website. Nathan is described as a talented and efficient developer and project manager who works with serenity. The overall verdict is positive, with no negative points mentioned.

41 Rue du Blamont, 80000 Amiens, France

13. Iminance - Spot Publicitaire, Film de communication, motion design et Studio vidéo.

4.8 from 34 Reviews

... vidéos/films & productions en Motion Design ▪️Spot Publicitaire ▪️ Film de Communication ▪️ Studio Audiovisuel. 3 sem. Iminance c'est aussi de la pub ...

The Luminance Agency is highly praised for its professionalism, innovation, and quality of work. Customers appreciate the attentive and proactive team, as well as the reasonable cost for exceptional results. The agency is recommended for its good interpersonal skills, ability to meet customer expectations, and excellent follow-up. The team at Iminance is also commended for their professionalism and willingness to test new ideas. Overall, both agencies are highly recommended for their expertise and personalized services.

47 Pl. René Goblet, 80000 Amiens, France

14. Agency Awelty

4.4 from 25 Reviews

La véranda d'Awelty avec la nouvelle mascotte #awelty #agency #agenceweb. Retour en photos sur notre #starwarsday pour le #maythe4th. Quand l'Empire. Ils ...

Awelty is a web design agency with a creative and professional team. They excel at creating websites, graphic redesign, and mobile applications. The staff is friendly and provides helpful advice. One customer was particularly satisfied with the redesign of their website. However, the labor cost is expensive. Overall, Awelty is a competent agency with good communication and results, but the high costs may deter some customers.

19 Rue Lamartine, 80000 Amiens, France

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