Top 10 SEO Agencies in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the Year 2024

Northern Ireland

1. Digital 24

5 from 104 Reviews

Digistore24 is an online sales platform that offers an integrated online store, affiliate network, payment methods, and accounting automation. The company also provides digital marketing services, with a focus on PPC and social media. Additionally, they offer a digital Advent calendar for mindfulness and gratitude, as well as products like the Maxi Advance egg holder, VocoPros Digital Conference Microphone system, and the MotorGuide Tour Digital Trolling Motor. Their TASCAM DP-24SD Digital Portastudio allows for 24-track recording on a solid-state drive. Services offered: - Integrated online store - Affiliate network - Payment methods - Accounting automation - Digital marketing services - Digital products (egg holder, microphone system, trolling motor, Portastudio)

Positive reviews for Digital 24 highlight expertise in digital marketing, professionalism, and helpful staff like Laura and Meghan. Clients appreciate quick implementation of ideas and improvements in their digital presence. However, a common point of critique is the lack of transparency in pricing or communication. Overall, Digital 24 is recommended for businesses seeking digital marketing services, despite some issues with communication.

Lanyon, Building, 2nd Floor, Office 4, Jennymount Business Park, 14 N Derby St, Belfast BT15 3HN, UK

Northern Ireland

2. Vudu Digital - (Web Design Belfast

5 from 42 Reviews

Vudu Digital is a Belfast-based web development and Shopify agency that specializes in SEO, eCommerce, custom web design, PPC, and social media management. They are known for creating quality websites that are built to convert customers and boost sales. Their services include SEO, website design, search marketing, social media management, and eCommerce solutions. Services offered: - Web development - Shopify agency - SEO - eCommerce expertise - Custom web design - PPC - Social media management

Vudu Digital received glowing reviews for their professionalism, communication, attention to detail, and excellent websites. Clients praised Peter, Joel, and the team for their hard work and dedication. The only downside mentioned was that there were no negative points, making Vudu Digital highly recommended for anyone in need of web development services.

Arthur House, Arthur St, Belfast BT1 4GB, UK

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Northern Ireland

3. Codefixer

5 from 32 Reviews

Codefixer is a digital marketing company based in Belfast specializing in SEO, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. They also provide training in SEO. The company offers services such as fixing code issues with their AI-powered Code Fixer tool, providing exceptional digital marketing results, and offering training in SEO.

The web development company received positive reviews for their knowledgeable staff, tailored training sessions, and successful campaigns. However, some clients mentioned communication issues post-training and lack of detail in feedback. Lunch was provided during training sessions. Overall, the company is recommended for Google Ads and SEO services, but improvements in post-training support and feedback are needed.

17 Malone Rd, Belfast BT9 6RT, UK

Northern Ireland

4. Wiz Digital Media

5 from 12 Reviews

Wiz Digital Media is a company specializing in digital marketing services, including digital design, UX/UI design, social media graphics, branding, and digital transformation. They offer personalized and passionate services to deliver the best ROI for their customers. They have a strong presence on social media platforms and emphasize transparent and honest work. The company focuses on customer satisfaction and results-driven marketing solutions. Services offered: - Digital design - UX/UI design - Social media graphics - Branding - Digital transformation

Wiz Sites, led by Julian, received positive reviews for improving SEO, website design, and providing personal service. Clients appreciated fair pricing, monthly updates, and strong results. However, previous experiences with other companies were negative. Overall, Wiz Sites stands out for its expertise, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction, making them a reliable choice for website development and SEO services.

Building 65, Gallery, 69 Dublin Rd, Belfast BT2 7HG, UK

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Northern Ireland

5. Rane Digital Marketing Agency

5 from 10 Reviews

RANE Digital Marketing Agency is a global agency offering a variety of services including web design, SEO, PPC, social media, branding, graphic design, apps, IT support, and training. They have a strong online presence with a significant following on LinkedIn and Instagram. The company is focused on delivering results for businesses and organizations worldwide. Key services offered by RANE Digital Marketing Agency include: - Web design - SEO - Social media marketing - Graphic design - App development - IT support - Training.

RANE digital receives consistently positive reviews for their web design and maintenance services, with clients praising their professionalism, communication, and ability to bring their ideas to life. Some drawbacks include a lack of specific details and the occasional mention of challenges. Overall, RANE digital is highly recommended for website design and maintenance needs.

65-69 Dublin Rd, Belfast BT2 7HG, UK

Northern Ireland

6. Ride Digital Marketing

5 from 8 Reviews

RideDigital is a full-service digital marketing company based in Kansas City that specializes in PPC, SEO, custom website design and development, branding, and video marketing. They offer a wide variety of affordable digital marketing solutions and strategies for small businesses. Services offered by RideDigital include: - Website design - SEO - PPC - Software development Overall, RideDigital focuses on providing digital marketing solutions to help businesses improve their branding, website, and overall digital marketing performance.

Ride, a web development company, received positive reviews from clients praising their innovative marketing strategies, social ad campaigns, and client service. However, one review mentioned initial wariness towards digital aspects. The company appears to excel in marketing but may need to address potential hesitance from clients towards technology.

22 Orby Gardens, Belfast BT5 5HS, UK

Northern Ireland

7. Acer - Belfast SEO & Web Design

5 from 5 Reviews

Acer SEO is a Belfast-based digital agency specializing in SEO services. They provide expertise in increasing organic Google impressions and offer web design and development services. The company prides itself on transparency and fair pricing, aiming to help businesses in Northern Ireland boost their online presence. Services offered: - SEO services - Web design and development - Increasing organic Google impressions

Positive reviews commend the web development company for boosting site traffic, improving search engine ranking, providing great customer service, and delivering great results at a good price. However, the lack of details on the specific services or strategies used is a weakness. Overall, the company seems to be effective in improving online visibility for its clients.

36 Richmond Ave, Holywood, Belfast BT18 9TE, UK

Northern Ireland

8. Gekkoshot

4.9 from 34 Reviews

Gekkoshot is a digital marketing agency based in Belfast and Dublin, specializing in web design, SEO, and social media management. They offer comprehensive solutions to drive more traffic, increase sales, and attract more clients. With proven results and a focus on aesthetics and functionality, Gekkoshot aims to help businesses succeed online. Their services include: - Web design - SEO - Social media management

Gekkoshot, a web development company, received positive reviews for their expertise, service quality, and results. Clients praised the team for their dedication, communication, and ability to deliver user-friendly websites. However, no negative points were mentioned. Overall, Gekkoshot seems to be highly recommended for their web development services.

Catalyst Concourse, 1 Queens Rd, Belfast BT3 9DT, UK

Northern Ireland

9. VINDICTA Digital Marketing Agency

4.9 from 42 Reviews

Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency is a top-rated B2B digital marketing agency founded by James Blake. They offer full-service marketing solutions to help businesses dominate online. Services provided include web design, SEO, content creation, and digital marketing strategies. Overall, Vindicta Digital aims to help clients expand their digital presence and stand out in the competitive market. Services offered: - B2B digital marketing - Web design - SEO - Content creation - Digital marketing strategies

Vindicta Marketing is praised for its professionalism, knowledge, and results in online marketing. However, a negative review highlights a lack of communication, understanding of clients needs, and follow-up. Proceed with caution when considering this company.

Concourse 2, Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency, Titanic Quarter, Unit 2 Queens Rd, Belfast BT3 9DT, UK

Northern Ireland

10. Ni SEO Agency

4.8 from 16 Reviews

The company offers comprehensive SEO audits and professional services in Belfast to help businesses improve their online presence. They provide market-leading SEO services in Northern Ireland and Ireland, with a team of expert specialists. The company also offers search engine optimization services, paid acquisition, and SEO technology. Additionally, they specialize in digital marketing, Google Ads, and Google Analytics, providing tailored strategies to help brands connect with their audience. Services offered: - Comprehensive SEO audits - Professional SEO services in Belfast - Market-leading SEO services in Northern Ireland and Ireland - Search engine optimization services - Paid acquisition and SEO technology - Digital marketing, Google Ads, and Google Analytics training

Customers praise Ni SEO for their effective SEO services and knowledgeable team. Monthly updates help track progress, and partnerships with businesses have been successful. However, some reviews mention a lack of reviews, while others emphasize the need for improved communication and customer service. Despite positive results, potential customers should consider these factors before engaging with the company.

Moat House, 54 Bloomfield Ave, Belfast BT5 5AD, UK

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