Top 10 SEO Agencies in Bergen, Norway for the Year 2024


1. Digital Strategi AS

5 from 26 Reviews

Digital Strategi is a media agency based in Bergen, Norway, with a focus on strategic marketing solutions. Their services include strategy development, consulting, increasing visibility, and marketing. They advocate for open digital standards to promote scalability and interoperability. The company aims to assist in building a resilient Europe for the Digital Decade. Some of the key services offered by Digital Strategi include: - Strategy development - Consulting - Increasing visibility - Marketing solutions

Digital Strategy has received positive feedback for their collaboration, expertise, and communication in developing new websites for various clients. Clients appreciate their thorough analysis, good advice, and personal follow-up. However, some clients mention that the company manages their digital marketing, which could potentially lead to a conflict of interest. Overall, Digital Strategy is recommended for their web development services.

Kanalveien 66, 5068 Bergen, Norway


2. Vivde AS

5 from 24 Reviews

Vivde AS is a design and digital marketing agency based in Bergen, Norway. They are passionate about strategy, branding, website development, and marketing solutions. The company is a Google Partner with a focus on elevating brand experiences. Their services include: - Strategy and branding - Website development - Marketing solutions

Vivid Media received positive reviews for their skilled and responsive service in web development and marketing. Clients praised their collaboration, creativity, and quick response times. However, no negative points were mentioned in the reviews, with customers highly recommending Vivid Media for their services.

Langarinden 5, 5132 Bergen, Norway

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3. Precis Digital

5 from 9 Reviews

Precis Digital is a data-driven digital marketing agency founded by former Google employees in 2012. Specializing in digital media buying, marketing analytics, and ad creative, they provide services for leading brands in B2C and B2B industries. With a focus on relevant platforms for digital investments, Precis is known for their technological platform and expertise in the field. Services offered: - Digital media buying - Marketing analytics - Ad creative

Positive reviews for Precis Digital note professional competence, tailored solutions, excellent results, and skilled team members. However, lack of detail on specific strategies used and potential costly packages could be a concern. Overall, the company is recommended for small to medium-sized businesses seeking marketing services.

Vaskerelven 39, 5014 Bergen, Norway


4. Osoft

5 from 9 Reviews

Osoft is a software development company established in 2011, specializing in creating modern, secure, and reliable web & mobile applications. They offer custom-built management information systems, product development services using cutting-edge technologies, and competencies in Microsoft Technologies. Osoft is a partner of AWS and focuses on creating On-prem and Cloud-based applications. The company has experienced co-founders and offers services such as creating chatbot sites and providing information on OSoft Labs.

Omni Media receives positive reviews for their professionalism, creativity, and commitment from clients in various industries. However, the lack of any negative points mentioned in the reviews raises questions about their credibility. Future clients should proceed with caution and conduct further research before engaging with Omni Media.

C. Sundts gate 51, 5004 Bergen, Norway

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5. Cure Design and communications agency

5 from 5 Reviews

The company is a full-service science communication agency that provides award-winning animation, illustration, infographic design, graphic design, and digital-first marketing campaigns. Services offered include: - Animation - Illustration - Infographic design - Graphic design - Digital-first marketing campaigns

Reviews for a web development company in a city are not yet available. It is difficult to provide a verdict on the companys strengths and weaknesses without any available reviews. Customers should exercise caution when considering this company for services.

Nygårdsgaten 23, 5015 Bergen, Norway


6. Zmedia

5 from 5 Reviews Website: Not Available

Z-Media is a print and digital media rep firm established in 2002, representing premium media outlets in fashion, travel, and more. They are a leading media recruitment business in the UK, offering services for over 50 businesses. Z Media Ventures is known for their ability to find and deliver compelling stories. ZMedia Ltd is a dedicated media recruitment agency with expertise in various commercial, marketing, and events roles. Services offered by Z-Media include: - Media representation - Media recruitment - Storytelling services - Manufacturing services for music industry.

Positive reviews highlight zmedias excellent marketing and customer service, with a focus on nice people and good quality. No negative points are mentioned. Overall, zmedia receives praise for their services and customer satisfaction.

Rådhusgaten 4, 5014 Bergen, Norway


7. Digital Marketing Solutions Bergen Norway

5 from 3 Reviews Website: Not Available

The company is a top digital marketing agency in Norway, with a focus on delivering high performing campaigns for leading companies. They offer digital solutions products and services, online marketing expertise, and cater to large enterprises and online businesses. Services offered include: - Digital marketing campaigns - Solid online marketing strategies - Expertise in digital solutions - Focus on delivering results for clients

No User's review found.

Grønnlien, 5055 Bergen, Norway


8. Limelight Media AS

4.8 from 27 Reviews

Limelight Media, Inc. is a Premier Entertainment Marketing Firm founded by Mike Barron, focusing on connecting high-profile celebrities with public relations. They have been recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in 2022. The company specializes in talent procurement, digital marketing, and media production, offering a range of services to help clients meet their campaign needs. Their team is passionate about marketing and is dedicated to providing unmatched experience to their clients. Services offered: - Talent procurement - Digital marketing - Media production

Customers praise Limelight Medias expertise, quick responses, and good advice with a promising outlook on SEO results. They appreciate the correct website design, timely changes, and customer outreach. However, some mention the need for patience with SEO progress. Overall, customers strongly recommend the company for its service and professionalism. No negative experiences have been reported.

Johan Berentsens vei 63, 5160 Laksevåg, Norway


9. Robust Media

4.6 from 26 Reviews

Robust MEDIA is a creative business known for its innovative and fast solutions to new needs. They specialize in photography and cinematography, pushing boundaries in technology and media. Services offered include: - Photography - Cinematography - Social media presence establishment

Robust Media received mixed reviews, with complaints about lack of communication, unfinished websites, and unfulfilled agreements. Customers expressed frustration with abrupt departures of contact persons and poor follow-up. Despite some positive feedback on design and support, the overall consensus leans towards dissatisfaction and a lack of professionalism. Steer clear of Robust Media for website development needs.

Nagelgården 6, 5004 Bergen, Norway

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