Top 10 SEO Agencies in Brussels, Belgium for the Year 2024


1. VR AGENCY - Agence web & création site web

5 from 74 Reviews

VR Agency is a top web design and VR/AR firm that excels in creating immersive e-commerce solutions for brands and retailers. They offer services such as website design, VR and AR development, and virtual store creation. The agency also helps individuals with disabilities find employment through vocational rehabilitation programs. Their work has received a 5-star rating from 29 Google reviews. Services Offered: - Website design - VR and AR development - Virtual store creation - Vocational rehabilitation programs for individuals with disabilities.

Julien of VR Agency received positive reviews for his exceptional web design skills, attention to detail, and commitment to quality. However, some clients had initial doubts about his services, but were pleasantly surprised by his professionalism and ability to address specific needs. The companys team was praised for their understanding and customer support. Overall, VR Agency is recommended for expertise and collaboration.

Av. Louise 54, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium


2. Votre Site Pro

5 from 61 Reviews

Pedro Soares runs Your Pro Site, offering professional and reliable web solutions. Services include website creation, marketing, and attracting more clients. Simon Clabots has jobs listed on his LinkedIn profile. The company also provides digital marketing services. Look out for Armor Site Pro for tailored web solutions. The company focuses on quality, quick service, and customer satisfaction. Services Offered: - Website creation - Marketing on social networks - Attracting more clients - Digital marketing services

Customers praise Pedros website optimisation services, citing his dedication, helpfulness, and ability to explain technical aspects clearly. Some note that he can break down complex steps in a straightforward manner. However, the lack of negative feedback or critical analysis from customers could potentially indicate a biased or incomplete review of the companys services.

Av. des Sept Bonniers 254, 1190 Bruxelles, Belgium


3. Digi Push

5 from 60 Reviews

The company, Digi, provides official announcements and services like Digi Remote Manager, Digi Containers, Digi Mobile VPN, and Digi WAN Bonding. They also offer integration with external gear like the Digitone and tools for collecting part numbers in KiCad schematic files. With a focus on connectivity and automation, Digi is a reliable choice for diverse technological needs.

Digi Push receives high praise for their dynamic content strategies and WordPress expertise, creating online visibility and successful events for clients. They have a talented and attentive team specializing in showcase sites and digital marketing. Some reviewers highlight their professionalism and creativity, while others emphasize their supportive and honest approach. Overall, Digi Push is recommended for their expertise and high-quality work.

Rue des Colonies 56, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium


4. User Growth - Content Marketing, SEO, and Paid Media Agency

5 from 10 Reviews

User Growth is a full-service marketing and SEO agency for small businesses and SAAS. They specialize in user-first, SEO-focused content marketing to drive real, profitable growth for their clients. They offer services such as SEO, paid media, design, marketing operations, video, and marketing strategy to help businesses increase revenue and maximize ROI. Additionally, they believe in customized solutions for each client to achieve optimal growth. Services offered: - SEO - Paid media - Design - Marketing operations - Video - Marketing strategy

User Growth, a marketing company, receives positive reviews for their knowledgeable and insightful approach to SEO and content marketing. Clients appreciate their personalized service and results-driven strategies. However, the company lacks negative feedback as all reviews highlight their expertise and professionalism, making them a recommended choice for marketing services.

Rue du Château d'Eau 24A, 1180 Uccle, Belgium

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5. Media*A - Agence SEO et SEA à Bruxelles depuis 2003

5 from 5 Reviews

The company offers tailored solutions to increase online visibility, improve website SEO, and enhance engagement on social media. Founded in 200, with specialties in digital strategy, brand promotion, SEO, and SEM, the companys certified Google collaborators manage SEA campaigns for clients. They also provide medical assistance in conflict-affected areas and work on strengthening national laws. The company hosted workshops on climate change and sea level rise. The founder has 18 years of experience in SEO/SEA. Services offered include: - Digital strategy - Brand promotion - SEO - SEM - Medical assistance in conflict zones - National law strengthening - Workshops on climate change and sea level rise.

The reviews for the web development company praise Jean Sprimonts SEO training course for its high quality, rich content, and effective teaching methods. Participants commend the clear vision they gained on SEO strategies, but note that the course moves quickly. Some negative points were not mentioned. Overall, the company receives positive feedback and is recommended by reviewers.

Av. de la Couronne 242, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium


6. Maastery

4.9 from 42 Reviews

Maastery is a consultancy and marketing agency based in the Brussels Metropolitan Area. They offer pragmatic and specialized advice, assemble customized marketing teams, and manage digital marketing for businesses. Their services include branding, logo design, web design, and online marketing management. Maastery has a dedicated team with experience and education from Solvay Business School. They aim to help businesses grow by providing tailored marketing solutions. Services offered: - Consultancy and marketing services - Branding and logo design - Web design - Online marketing management

Customers praise Maastery for their professionalism, easy communication, and impactful marketing work, especially in brand revitalization. Highlights include the teams adaptability, personable approach, and collaboration with clients. However, some reviewers mention limited details on the onboarding process. Despite this, Maastery is recommended for freelancers and companies seeking marketing expertise and a positive experience.

Av. Louise 523/1er étage, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium


7. Girleek

4.8 from 43 Reviews

GIRLEEK offers job-oriented e-learning courses in partnership with Bruxelles Formations. They focus on empowering women in the tech industry, providing personalized coaching sessions to boost skills. The founder, Julie Foulon, aims to address the gender gap in online content and tech perspectives. Their services include: - Long-term e-learning courses - Personalized coaching sessions - No code training for women interested in the tech industry.

Girleek received positive reviews for its training sessions, talent recruitment, and digital marketing support. However, there were no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Clients praised its effectiveness, tools, and helpfulness. Overall, Girleek is recommended for those seeking web development training and talent recruitment services.

Rue d'Arenberg 44, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium


8. YourStory Agency

4.8 from 43 Reviews

Your Story Agency is a video production company based in Vancouver with over 10 years of experience. They specialize in creating content and managing social media for brands. They also provide resources and support to Community Action Agencies. Their services include: - Video production - Social media content creation - Marketing and communications improvement - Resources and support for CAAs.

YourStory Agency receives glowing reviews for their tailored content strategies, exceptional photography, and captivating copywriting. Clients praise their clear communication, timely delivery, and hands-on approach to community management. However, some mention a need for improvement in showcasing the brands DNA and creativity. Overall, YourStory Agency is recommended for their professionalism and effective social media management.

Av. Louise 231, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium


9. Youpi Media

4.7 from 214 Reviews

Youpi Media offers a mobile application that enhances video recordings with animated bubbles. They provide expertise in SEO and artificial intelligence to help businesses strengthen their online presence. The company has officially licensed collaborations with Viz Media, LLC. Services offered include: - Mobile application development - SEO optimization - Artificial intelligence integration - Licensed collaborations with Viz Media, LLC

The web development company website receives positive reviews for its accessible content, helpful SEO strategies, and clear language. However, some reviewers mention a lack of in-depth information and a need for more advanced techniques. Overall, the site is praised for its originality, user-friendly navigation, and informative resources, making it a valuable tool for entrepreneurs and those seeking digital marketing knowledge.

Av. Arnaud Fraiteur 15/23, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium

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