Top 10 SEO Agencies in Cape Town, South Africa for the Year 2024

South Africa

1. I-Digital Marketing Agency

5 from 96 Reviews

Digital Marketing Agency Offering Expert Google Ads Management and SEO Services.

The i-Digital Marketing Agency team has received positive reviews for their helpfulness, friendliness, and prompt assistance. They are praised for building and maintaining beautiful websites, as well as providing great customer service and care. Reviewers appreciate their willingness to upskill clients and their overall enthusiasm and great attitude. No negative points are mentioned, and overall, the company is highly recommended.

Unit S, Spearhead Business Park, Montague Drive, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

South Africa

2. Kaomi Marketing

5 from 43 Reviews

We provide marketers with a personalized experience that empowers them to lead their industry. Digital Marketing Agency.

Kaomi is praised for its skilled digital marketing specialists who have helped businesses improve their ads and increase website traffic. The team is described as professional, personable, and responsive. They provide personalized and innovative solutions and have a strong focus on the clients best interests. Kaomi is highly trusted and valued by its clients, and their expertise and hard work are appreciated. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews.

1st Floor, Block B, Black River Park, 2 Fir St, Observatory, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa

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South Africa

3. Click Africa Digital

5 from 37 Reviews

Award Winning SEO & Digital Marketing Experts. We Deliver a Full Set of Integrated Digital Marketing Services for Startups and Businesses. Click Africa Digital ...

Click Africa Digital is a highly recommended digital agency that delivers affordable, professional services on time. They have a great team of professionals who provide excellent customer support and have experience in SEO. They are known for their positive attitude, effective communication, and creative problem-solving skills. Overall, they are a great company to work with. There are no negative points mentioned in the reviews.

145 Sir Lowry Road,Unit A046, Ground Floor, Tamric House, The Palms, Woodstock, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa

South Africa

4. IMod Digital (Pty) Ltd

5 from 30 Reviews

iMod Digital is an independently owned and renowned digital marketing agency with extensive experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads, Facebook ...

Imod Digital is praised for their exceptional service, prompt responses, and dedication to customer satisfaction. They are recommended for all digital marketing needs and are known for their expertise in SEO. Clients appreciate their professional demeanor, availability for brainstorming and problem-solving, and the value they add with their web apps. Overall, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive with no negative points mentioned.

HARFIELD VILLAGE CENTRE, 48 2nd Ave, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa

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South Africa

5. SEO Cape Town - Digital Consulting

5 from 13 Reviews

We are a leading SEO in Cape Town agency. Contact Digital Consulting for web design in Cape Town. We offer affordable services for all businesses.

Digital Consulting receives positive reviews for their attentive and understanding approach to creating logos and websites. They are praised for their professionalism, excellent service, and patience with client requests. The team is commended for redesigning websites efficiently and understanding unique requirements. The company is highly recommended for providing exceptional service and creating impressive websites. There are no negative points mentioned in the reviews.

11 Oosterland Rd, Plattekloof Glen, Cape Town, 7460, South Africa

South Africa

6. Ruby Digital

4.9 from 49 Reviews

Ruby Digital is the most 5 star rated agency in South Africa. We offer SEO, social media, web design & more. Get your FREE proposal today.

Ruby Digital received positive reviews from several clients who praised their expertise, communication, and results. However, one client mentioned disappointment with the technical capacity and expertise provided, resulting in the decision to stop using their services. Overall, Ruby Digital was recommended by most clients for their professionalism and success in improving online presence.

Unit F10, Centurion Business Park, Democracy Way, Marconi Beam, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

South Africa

7. N.1 SEO Service in South Africa

4.9 from 14 Reviews

South Africa N1 SEO provides knowledgeable and effective pay-per-click management services to help you increase the number of customers and visitors to your ...

The web development company in South Africa has received positive reviews for their professionalism, support, and user-friendly websites. Customers commend their service and recommend them to others. No negative points or weaknesses are mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the company is highly praised for their excellent services.

4th Floor, The landing, 20 Lower Burg St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa

South Africa

8. Oonie Web Development, SEO, Web Design & Digital Marketing Cape Town 2023

4.8 from 20 Reviews

Digital Marketing Specialist Cape Town, South Africa. Wordpress Web Site Design, Web Development, SEO, e-Commerce & Online Marketing.

Ooonie is highly recommended as a website developer. They are affordable, diligent, and provide excellent customer service. However, they have been criticized for their lack of knowledge in certain areas, such as Google Ads. Overall, they have impressed clients with their passion, ideas, and ability to design websites that meet their needs. Ooonie is a reliable and supportive company that is dedicated to helping their clients succeed in their online presence.

8 Cavan Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa

South Africa

9. Web SEO Company Cape Town

4.7 from 24 Reviews

Web SEO: A Cape Town-based Digital Marketing Agency Specialising in performance-driven marketing, we're committed to your business's success!

Web SEO is highly praised for its professional and service-oriented approach, providing excellent on and off-site SEO, web development, and digital marketing. Clients appreciate the companys knowledge, great work, and competitive pricing. The company has played a prominent role in various aspects of clients online businesses and offers real-time reporting tools. Clients highly recommend Web SEO for their expertise and dedication. No negative points are mentioned. Overall, the company receives positive feedback and is highly recommended.

Block D, The Estuaries, Oxbow Cres, Century City, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

South Africa

10. Storyteller

4.6 from 72 Reviews

About this game. arrow_forward. Available exclusively for Netflix members. Once upon a time — wait, what comes next again? Drag and drop fairy-tale characters ...

The web development company has received consistently top service and is praised for their technical and creative assistance. The workspace, Workshop 17, is spacious and centrally located, with cheap internet access and a café that offers a wonderful selection of coffee. The company is also commended for their sophisticated yet user-friendly website design. Overall, the company is highly recommended. There are no negative points mentioned in the reviews.

Workshop 17, 17 Dock Rd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, 8005STORYTELLER, South Africa

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Searchable PTY LTD

0.00 from 0 Reviews

Elevate your brand to Google’s top positions with Searchable. We’re a product-led SEO team, always considering your customer’s needs and interests first.

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44 Andros, Harbour Island, Cape Tow, 7140

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