Top 10 SEO Agencies in Frederiksberg, Denmark for the Year 2024


1. Webamp

5 from 30 Reviews

Webamp is a digital marketing agency based in Copenhagen, specializing in creating 60-degree online success for Danish and international clients. They reimplemented Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 and JavaScript with full skin support, as well as offering standalone deployment of Milkdrop through Project M. The agency also offers compatibility with classic Winamp skins, interactive preview of 80k skins, and a javascript-based player called Webamp. Some of the services offered by Webamp include: - 60-degree online success - Web development in HTML5 and JavaScript - Digital marketing strategies and implementation - Skin support for Winamp 2.9 - Standalone deployment of Milkdrop - Javascript-based player mimicking Winamp operations

Webamp is a highly recommended web agency in Copenhagen, praised for their skilled and creative team, effective websites, and professional SEO services. Clients appreciate their knowledge of Google, SEO strategies, and the personalized approach they provide. However, some clients mention the need for patience and investment before seeing results. Overall, Webamp is described as a reliable and service-minded agency for web development and online marketing.

Vesterbrogade 6D, 2, 1620 København V, Denmark


2. Somera

5 from 14 Reviews

Somera Capital Management, founded in 1994, has over 25 years of real estate investment experience. Somera & Associates, P.A. is a family-owned business providing legal services in Florida since 1998. Somera & Silva, LLP focuses on helping patients and families get justice from negligence. SomeraRoad is not affiliated with Somera Capital Management. Maile Somera is a volleyball player, and Ben Somera is the head coach at Wesleyan. Somera Ashraf Ali, MD, specializes in endocrinology. Services offered include real estate investment, legal services, medical malpractice law, and volleyball coaching.

Positive reviews highlight Someras prompt delivery, high-quality content, and strategic support for content strategy. Customers appreciate quick turnaround times and effective communication. Someras ability to take ownership of any issues and provide solutions is praised. However, some instances of quality falling short is mentioned. Overall, Somera is recommended for their reliable services and superior quality of work.

Allegade 13, 1, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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3. Plutonic Media

5 from 11 Reviews

Plutonic Media is a digital marketing agency in Copenhagen offering services such as SEO, Google Ads, and Social Ads. They also specialize in web design and development, using technologies like HTML, CSS, and PHP. The company focuses on providing targeted digital strategies that are transparent and profitable for businesses. Additionally, they specialize in digital health, therapeutics, and gaming. Services offered by Plutonic Media include: - SEO - Google Ads - Social Ads - Web design - Web development - Digital health solutions

Customers praise Plutonic Media for their SEO expertise, professional approach, and helpful insights in web development. However, some reviews mention a generic appreciation without specific details, potentially indicating a lack of depth in the feedback. Overall, the companys positive outcomes and collaborative skills stand out, with recommendations and anticipated expansions in future projects highlighting their strong performance.

Vesterbrogade 24, 4th, 1620 København V, Denmark


4. HelloSEO

5 from 6 Reviews Website: Not Available

HelloSEO is a small SEO agency based in Brisbane, focusing on boosting visibility and authority for subject matter experts and business owners. Founded by Jade, an SEO Specialist, the agency helps businesses improve their rankings on Google and connect with their target audience. Some key points about HelloSEO include: - Specializes in SEO services for subject matter experts and business owners - One-man agency focused on delivering business results - Offers website development and local Google search ranking services - Provides affordable SEO services and helps businesses improve their Google ranking and online presence.

The web development company is praised for being a top SEO agency in 2018 with cool workplace vibes and solid SEO work. Customers received good advice. The main strengths include the office being a top SEO agency. However, the lack of in-depth information on services and customer experience is a weakness. Overall, the company seems promising but faces scrutiny for limited customer testimonials.

Ny Carlsberg Vej 80, 1799 København, Denmark

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5. AdAgenzy ApS

5 from 5 Reviews

Adagenzy ApS is an ecommerce marketing bureau located in Frederiksberg, near Copenhagen, founded by Kenneth Vilster in 2016. The company focuses on helping ecommerce directors achieve high growth through services such as Google ads, Microsoft Advertising, Danish SEO, and influencer marketing. AdAgenzy has a track record of creating 1 rankings in Google and offers a full-service approach to online advertising. Services offered include: - Google ads (AdWords) - Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) - Danish SEO - Influencer marketing

Adagenzy and Kenneth receive glowing recommendations for marketing on Google, with significant revenue growth and success in SEO and Adwords. However, the text lacks specific details on the companys services, making it hard to gauge their overall effectiveness. Weaknesses include a lack of in-depth information and a heavy focus on positive reviews without critical analysis. Proceed with caution when considering Adagenzy for web development services.

H. C. Ørsteds Vej 50C, 1879 Frederiksberg, Denmark


6. Lion Ads ApS

5 from 5 Reviews

The company Lion Studios by AppLovin helps mobile game developers grow their businesses through publishing and marketing. They offer services such as fast and private web browsing with Brave Browser, a variety of word games, power supplies, advertising opportunities, and weekly ads for savings.

The web development company, Lion Ads, receives positive reviews for professional, flexible, and competent service at sharp prices. Clients are satisfied with website setup and Google advertising. However, reviews lack specific details on services provided. Overall, Lion Ads is highly recommended for its effective and affordable solutions.

Guldborgvej 21,, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark


7. Become

4.8 from 9 Reviews

Become™ Clothing is a company that specializes in temperature-regulating clothing designed to help with hot flushes and night sweats. They are also involved in culturally responsive evaluation practices and offer services related to privilege escalation systems and architectural licensing. Services Offered: - Temperature-regulating clothing - Culturally responsive evaluation practices - Privilege escalation systems - Architectural licensing services

Beruf, a digital marketing company, receives positive reviews for their expertise in Google Adwords and solving technical challenges. They offer valuable services and clear communication. However, a potential negative point is not being a paying customer may affect the level of service provided. Overall, Beruf is recommended for optimizing digital presence and marketing strategies.

Bag Elefanterne 1, 1799 København, Denmark



4.8 from 19 Reviews

Iternum Digital is an advertising and digital marketing agency with over 14 years of experience in the industry. They specialize in optimizing digital marketing strategies for Danish businesses, focusing on data-driven approaches. The company is located in Frederiksberg, near Copenhagen, and provides high-energy and ambitious workplace environment. Services offered include: - Digital marketing strategy optimization - Data-driven marketing solutions - SKAdNetwork 4.0 updates for iOS 14 privacy - E-commerce expertise.

Customers praise Iternum for their professionalism, expertise, and results in managing Google Ads, digital marketing, Adwords, SEO, and web development. They value the competent and committed team, easy communication, and growth in online sales. However, some customers note that the focus on human language communication could be improved. Overall, Iternum receives high recommendations for their services and collaboration.

Falkoner Alle 20, 4. sal, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark



4.7 from 37 Reviews

AWORK A/S is a reputable Web and Marketing agency specializing in Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, SEO, and web development. They have a 4-star rating and have been featured on Yahoo Finance and Clutch. Awork A/S has won awards in 2018, 2020, and 2021, including being recognized as a Børsen Gazelle in 2021 and 2022. They offer services in Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, SEO, and web development.

AWORK Web Agency receives positive feedback for their SEO work, prompt communication, quality services, and promising results. However, a warning is mentioned about the companys practices, such as misleading promises and lack of transparency. Customers should be cautious when entering into agreements with them. Overall, AWORK offers satisfactory services but may not always prioritize customer needs.

Dronning Olgas Vej 2, 1, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark


10. Bonzer

4.4 from 13 Reviews

The Bonzer Experience revolution focuses on evolving thoughts and consciousness through dynamic changes. The family-operated beach grill in the Outer Banks serves bistro quality Coastal Comfort Food with a surfboard shaper theme. The term bonzer means first-rate or excellent, reflecting the quality of the waterproof fabrics used in their products. The company also offers SEO services in Scandinavia, specializing in organic visibility and sales. Services offered: - Beach grill serving Coastal Comfort Food - Waterproof fabrics - SEO services in Scandinavia

Bonzer is praised for expert SEO knowledge, dedicated team, and remarkable results in improving website rankings and organic traffic. Communication, strategic planning, and performance reporting are highlighted as strengths. Negative points are not mentioned. Overall, Bonzer is recommended for companies seeking strong SEO efforts and better Google rankings.

Farvergade 8, 1463 København K, Denmark

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