Top 10 SEO Agencies in Hannover, Germany for the Year 2024


1. ABAKUS Internet Marketing GmbH

5 from 40 Reviews

ABAKUS Internet Marketing GmbH is a SEO agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization since 2002. They offer website optimization services for better rankings, traffic, and sales, with a free initial consultation available. The company also runs an SEO forum and uses tools like Wincher to enhance their work. Services offered include: - SEO Services - Website Optimization - Google Ads/PPC Management - Technical SEO Analysis Overall, ABAKUS Internet Marketing GmbH is a reputable SEO agency with a track record of effective SEO strategies and tools.

Customers praise Abakus for their strong expertise in SEO, SEM, and content marketing. Positive feedback on their link building services and SEO DIVER tool. However, some reviews express concerns about the lack of diversity in services and potential reliance on a single individual. Overall, Abakus is recommended for their professionalism and competency, but caution is advised.

Blumenauer Str. 1, 30449 Hannover, Germany


2. Topinx - SEO Agentur Hannover

5 from 23 Reviews

Topinx is an SEO agency based in Hannover, offering services such as SEO consultation for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopware, and Woocommerce. They provide free initial consultations and have 2-5 employees serving 21-50 clients with pricing starting at 500 Euros. The agency specializes in content marketing, e-commerce, Google Ads, and Adwords marketing. They also offer web design and technical services. Overall, Topinx is a reputable agency known for their SEO expertise in Hannover. Services offered: - SEO consultation for various platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopware, Woocommerce) - Content marketing - E-commerce services - Google Ads and Adwords marketing - Web design and technical services

Customers rave about the excellent advice, technical implementation, and support provided by Topinx, a web development company in Hanover. However, some reviews mention difficulties in communication and lack of clarity on services. Despite these concerns, Topinx is recommended for their expertise in SEO and successful results in increasing website traffic.

Am Lindenhofe 25A, 30519 Hannover, Germany

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5 from 23 Reviews

Estime Publications is a South African manufacturer and supplier of Labour Law and Educational Posters, offering free delivery. Estimes Café in Colonia, NJ serves global cuisine that defies expectations. Notre Dame Fighting Irish Running Back Audric Estime is a highly ranked recruit. Vanessa Estimé is the assistant director for the Yale Prison Education Initiative. Brisly Estime is a dynamic return man for Syracuse football. Éstom Jámani Hall is named after the Middle Mountains. Estime offers a range of services including: - Manufacturing and supplying Labour Law and Educational Posters - Global cuisine dining at Estimes Café - Recruiting services for highly ranked football players - Assistant directorship for educational initiatives - Dynamic return man for Syracuse football.

Globaldesign web development company receives highly positive reviews, emphasizing excellent customer service, customization according to clients wishes, and competent staff. No negative feedback is provided. The company is recommended for its attentive service and professional approach.

Apenrader Str. 43, 30165 Hannover, Germany


4. Rock-u-online GmbH

5 from 19 Reviews

Rock-u-online GmbH, in partnership with Local Listing, offers services to boost your companys search engine ranking. Their user-friendly website allows for smooth browsing. Villa Rock U, a property managed by Oetker Hotel Management Company GmbH, offers modern interiors. Services offered by Rock-u-online GmbH include Local SEO and website redesign. D Systems provides D printers and healthcare services, while ForgeRock focuses on secure online experiences.

Customers praise Nina Jähnes professional approach and quick implementation of unique ideas for websites. They commend the user-friendly tools offered by Rock-u-online GmbH, recommending them for increased marketing efficiency. However, no negative points were mentioned. Overall, the company is praised for its innovative methods and outstanding service, making it a highly recommended choice for web development in the Hanover area.

Freihorstfeld 80, 30559 Hannover, Germany

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5 from 13 Reviews

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a full-service digital agency specializing in online marketing solutions. They are dynamic, versatile, and prioritize transparency in their work. Their services include strategy development, experience design, growth marketing, data-driven strategies, and creative services. They handle all aspects of clients online marketing campaigns to drive revenue and make a positive impact. DEPT® and Digitas UK are also full-service digital agencies in this field.

Positive reviews for the web development company praise their teams professionalism, efficient communication, good support, and quick delivery. Clients were satisfied with services, website creation, and online presence improvements. No negative points mentioned. Overall, the companys fast service and expertise are highly recommended.

Rautenstraße 14, 30171 Hannover, Germany


6. Seomarketing-Hannover

5 from 2 Reviews

The company SEOMARKETING, owned by Marco Sass in Hannover, specializes in professional search engine optimization (SEO) and creative marketing for businesses and individuals with websites. They have been providing full-service SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) since 2002. Their services include SEO optimization, SEM, job opportunities in SEO, and personalized SEO solutions tailored to improve website rankings. Contact information: Westfelder Hauptstraße 0, D-1079 Sibbesse, email:, phone: 05065. Services offered: - Professional search engine optimization (SEO) - Creative marketing strategies for websites - Search engine marketing (SEM) services - Job opportunities in SEO field

No User's review found.

Ifflandstraße 35, 30169 Hannover, Germany


7. Aufgesang GmbH

4.9 from 36 Reviews

Aufgesang GmbH is a leading online marketing and PR agency based in Hannover, specializing in SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, and PR. The company has received positive customer reviews and has been recognized as a Premier Partner by LinkedIn. Services offered include: - SEO - Paid Advertising - Content Marketing - PR

Customers praise Aufgesang for their specialized and honest SEO advice, Wikipedia contributions, and professionalism. However, some reviews mention issues with individual solutions and communication. Overall, Aufgesang is recommended for their expertise and results in SEO, but improvements in client communication and customization may be needed.

Braunstraße 6A, 30169 Hannover, Germany


8. Casusbene GmbH

4.9 from 52 Reviews

Casusbene GmbH, founded in 2015, originated from the agency SEO Germany and has been in operation for over 18 years. They specialize in performance-oriented online marketing and offer free initial consultations with monthly cancelable contracts. Located in Hanover, Germany, they focus on helping clients with online marketing strategies. Services offered include: - Performance-oriented online marketing - Free initial consultation - Monthly cancelable contracts

Customers praise casusbene for their professionalism, competence, and successful results in Google Ads and search engine optimization. They appreciate the teams support, reliability, and ability to explain complex topics clearly. However, there is a lack of diversity in the reviews, potentially indicating a biased portrayal. Overall, casusbene is highly recommended for web development services.

Hainhölzer Str. 5, 30159 Hannover, Germany



4.8 from 42 Reviews

ONMA Online Marketing GmbH is a Hannover-based agency offering services in web design, content creation, media, search engine optimization, and Google AdWords. They specialize in assisting small to medium-sized businesses with authentic and SEO-friendly content. The company aims to provide success in online marketing for their clients. Services offered include: - Web design - Content creation - Media services - Search engine optimization - Google AdWords

Reviews for the web development company ONMA Online Marketing GmbH are mixed. While some customers praise their professionalism and quick responses, others criticize the company for being dishonest and unprofessional in their dealings with applicants. Lack of honesty, issues with project managers, and problems in daily operations are highlighted as weaknesses. Overall, caution is advised when considering ONMA for online marketing services.

Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 25, 30159 Hannover, Germany


10. Schlütersche Marketing Holding GmbH, Profis f. Webseiten, SEO, SEA & Social Media

4.8 from 101 Reviews

Schlütersche Marketing Holding GmbH in Hannover is a highly rated company specializing in web design, SEO, SEA, and social media marketing. With 10 reviews averaging 4.5 stars, they are known for providing exceptional services to small, medium, and industrial clients. Their expertise includes digital marketing, content marketing, and SEO strategies to optimize online presence. Services offered: - Web design - SEO - SEA - Social media marketing - Content marketing

Reviewers praised Ms. Moderegger for her competence and reliability, contrasting with the dissatisfaction over lack of service from other staff members and communication issues. Problems with appointment cancellations due to non-functioning contact details were highlighted, leading to a lack of desire to continue working with the company. Overall, the negative points in the reviews point to significant weaknesses in the companys service and communication.

Hans-Böckler-Allee 7, 30173 Hannover, Germany

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