Top 10 SEO Agencies in Bochum, Germany for the Year 2024


1. Kreativroboter® Werbung, Webdesign, Fotografie & Co.

5 from 52 Reviews

kreativroboter® Werbeagentur in Bochum offers a range of services including marketing, web design, advertising, search engine optimization, and creative ideas for clients. They specialize in photography, graphic design, print media, and corporate branding. The agency provides web design for websites, advertising, and marketing strategies, as well as photography services such as real estate photography. They are a full-service provider for advertising, web design, print media, and photography. Services offered by kreativroboter® include: - Marketing - Web design - Advertising - Search engine optimization - Photography - Graphic design - Print media

Customers praise the creativity, professionalism, and quality of work at the web development company. However, some negative points are lack of diverse opinions and influence in the reviews, making it difficult to gauge the companys overall performance. Further confirmation from a wider range of sources is recommended before deciding.

Auf dem Rüggen 4, 44892 Bochum, Germany



5 from 26 Reviews

FIVE24MEDIA is a digital marketing agency specializing in Social Media Marketing and Google Ads. They help businesses increase their visibility and grow through effective online marketing strategies. The company offers services such as: - Social Media Marketing - Google Ads - Digital PR and Outreach - Web Development and Design - Content Marketing.

Customers praise FIVE24Media for excellent service, innovation, and expertise in social media marketing, highlighting Roberts proactive approach and constant availability. However, some reviews mention a lack of balance between positive and negative feedback, pointing out a potential bias. Overall, FIVE24Media is recommended for its professionalism, creativity, and competent advice, but potential customers should consider a more balanced view.

Lothringer Str. 38, 44805 Bochum, Germany

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3. Schacht32 GmbH

5 from 20 Reviews

Schacht2 GmbH is a marketing agency based in Bochum, specializing in brand communication, digital innovation, content creation, and marketing. They focus on FMCG and offer services such as emotional brand experiences and effective communication. The agency aims to create unique visual identities and impactful brand messaging for their clients. Services offered include: - Brand communication - Digital innovation - Content creation - Marketing services

Schacht2 is highly praised for innovative ideas, professional service, and effective solutions in digital marketing. The team is described as friendly and committed to customer success, with open communication. However, no negative points or weaknesses are mentioned in the reviews. Overall, Schacht2 stands out as a top agency for online presence and digital marketing, focusing on customer satisfaction and results.

Hellweg 24, 44787 Bochum, Germany


4. Outlocal - Online Marketing Bochum

5 from 18 Reviews

Outlocal is a reliable partner for effective online marketing and professional web design services. They focus on increasing website traffic without costly Google Ads, offering SEO services in Cologne. The company is also involved in indirect tax collection from customers and has collaborations with institutions like Max Planck Institute. Services offered by Outlocal include: - Online Marketing - Web Design - SEO Services - Tax Collection - Collaboration with Institutions.

Outlocal receives positive reviews for their creativity, professionalism, and agility in delivering web development services. Clients praise their expertise and customer service, recommending them for online visibility. However, there is a lack of specific details or negative feedback in the reviews. Overall, Outlocal is a highly recommended agency for those seeking quality web development services.

Herner Str. 299, 44809 Bochum, Germany

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5. Oliver Hanstein

5 from 18 Reviews

Oliver Hanstein is a professional in search engine optimization and web design with over 10 years of experience. He is also involved in developing a smart deposit system to address the plastics crisis. Hanstein implements measures to protect personal data while offering services such as SEO analysis and technical SEO analysis. He is dedicated to environmental causes and is a Co-Chair at BIOTA association. Services offered by Oliver Hanstein include: - Search Engine Optimization - Web Design - Technical SEO Analysis - Smart Deposit System development

Customers praise Mr. Hansteins design work for its fit with their websites and technological relevance. Positive feedback on web design and search engine optimization services. No negative points mentioned. Verdict: Hansteinmedia provides professional and effective web development services at fair prices, with satisfied customers likely to return for future projects.

Spritzenstraße 21, 44879 Bochum, Germany



5 from 12 Reviews

The Stenle GmbH is an independent online marketing optimizer specializing in SEO, web, and social media services. They have been in business since 1992 and are known for providing the best solutions for industrial pumps. Their expert team offers a growing knowledge database on online marketing. Services offered by Stenle GmbH include: - SEO optimization - Web marketing - Social media management

The reviews for Stenle, a web development company, praise their competence, customer support, and dedication to creating user-friendly websites. Clients appreciate the clear communication, search engine optimization, and positive results in attracting customers. However, some clients faced initial obstacles which were overcome, highlighting the importance of a strong start. Overall, Stenle receives full marks and clear recommendations for their services.

Universitätsstraße 60, 44789 Bochum, Germany


7. Franziska Ernst

5 from 9 Reviews

The text includes information about Franziska Ernst, who is involved with various events, lectures, and professional roles, including being a PhD candidate with a focus on work stressors. Franziska Ernst also has a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Services offered by the company: - Evening lectures - PhD candidate opportunities - Professional networking opportunities - Child healthcare services

Customers praise Franziskas structured and clear approach to SEO, making it enjoyable and effective. They appreciate her competence, clear recommendations, and individualized support. However, some express feeling self-sufficient after working with her. Overall, Franziskas professional and reliable work has significantly improved online presence and click rates, making her a top choice for web development needs.

Universitätsstraße 102d, 44799 Bochum, Germany


8. Apelmedia

5 from 8 Reviews

The company specializes in providing defined, serum-free, animal component-free medium for differentiation of human ES & iPS cells. Their STEMdiff™ APEL™2 Medium, STEMdiff ™ APEL ™ Medium, and recombinant protein-based APEL are key products. Additionally, they offer books on language and literacy, such as Beyond Baby Talk. The company emphasizes innovation and professionalism in delivering successful film and television productions. Key services offered include: - Defined, serum-free, animal component-free mediums for cell differentiation - Books on language and literacy - Film and television production services

Apelmedia and the team are praised for professional, fast, and friendly service with excellent communication and results. Clients express complete satisfaction and recommend the company without hesitation. However, no negative points are highlighted in the reviews, indicating a lack of critical feedback. Overall, Apelmedia demonstrates competence and quality in web development services.

Rombacher Hütte 10, 44795 Bochum, Germany


9. MBC My Best Concept GmbH

4.9 from 143 Reviews

MBC My Best Concept GmbH is a rapidly growing online marketing agency based in Bochum, Germany. They offer personalized online marketing strategies and systematic sales optimization to improve lead generation and increase revenue. The company has a strong online presence with a large following on Instagram. Services offered by MBC My Best Concept GmbH include: - Online marketing strategy development - Lead generation - Sales optimization - Performance marketing assistance

Customers praise Tobias, Robert, Kai Finke, and his team for their expertise and personalized approach in online marketing strategies and web development. They emphasize the trust gained, professional advice, and clear roadmap provided. However, lack of mention of any negative points makes it difficult to assess any potential weaknesses. Overall, the company seems to excel in customer satisfaction and results.

Universitätsstraße 60, 44789 Bochum, Germany


10. SEO-Küche Internet Marketing GmbH & Co. KG

4.3 from 4 Reviews

SEO-Küche Internet Marketing GmbH & Co. KG is a Full Service Online-Marketing agency offering services in SEO, SEA, and Social Media. With locations in Rosenheim, Munich, Starnberg, Dresden, Erfurt, and Berlin, they provide professional online marketing solutions. Their services include website creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine advertising (SEA). With a strong reputation and a team of 101 to 200 employees, they are a reliable choice for businesses looking to boost their online presence. Services offered: - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - SEA (Search Engine Advertising) - Social Media Marketing

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Kortumstraße 37, 44787 Bochum, Germany

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